Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. Sex scandal, divorce with Wife Elin Nordegren and redemption for Tiger Woods Divorce DebbieJust divorced! I hate you poems for her: Cheating by an ex-girlfriend or ex-wife can leave a guy heartbroken.
Nearly a year and a half after her divorce from NBA San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker was finalized, Eva Longoria is finally opening up about his infidelity and split. Last night on Lifetime’s new show, The Conversation With Amanda de Cadenet, Longoria, 37, admitted that she doesn’t carry any “baggage” from her failed three-year marriage to Parker, 29. Longoria discovered Parker’s affair when she found hundreds of text messages to a mutual friend Erin Barry (who denied having an affair) on his cell phone. What a great example of being stronger than ever after finding out your partner had been unfaithful!

If your love has also been betrayed by your girl, you will be able to relate your depressed state of mind with these I Hate You poems.
Send them to your ex, use them as sad quotes which give your anger an outlet or share them with your friends on Facebook so that everyone can feel your pain. Tiger Woods was an icon in the game of Golf; his cool, patient and intelligent stance on the field brought him many admirers who admired him not only for his expertise in the game, but also for the man he was. Remember that she may have cheated on you and dumped you, karma will always come back around and hit her hard. It was a terrible disillusionment for Tigera€™s legions of fans, when initial rumours of an extra-marital affair turned into a sordid, yet real tale of a man with sex addiction problems and multiple infidelities with a string of women.In 2003, Tiger Woods got engaged to Swedish former model, Elin Nordegren whom he had met in 2001, during The Open Championship. The two married in 2004 and went on to have two children, daughter Sam Alexis Woods and son, Charlie. The couple made an attractive pair and was widely understood to be gloriously in couple and seen as a€?the Perfect Couplea€™, but things began unraveling soon in the public eye and things went south, pretty fast.Tiger Woods with girlfriend, Lindsey VonnIt all started with a tabloida€™s report in November, 2009, about an alleged extra-marital affair that Tiger Wood had with a NY city nightclub manager.

Due to strong media scrutiny, Tiger was forced to release a statement stating that it was a private matter.
Soon, the hungry media was flashing and beaming out images of as many as fourteen women, who came tumbling out of the closet claiming to be his mistresses!Tiger, perforce, had to admit to his infidelities, apologize for his a€?transgressionsa€™ and go for therapy for his sex addiction. He did forty five days in therapy and has now formed a romantic attachment with Olympic skier, Lindsey Vonn.
Lindsey, was married previously, to fellow Olympian skier Thomas Vonn; they divorced in 2013, after four years of marriage.

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