By popular demand we’re doing a mega post full of Tag your Friends Facebook Tag Pictures we came across the past two weeks.
Onion Head is a very popular Japanese cartoon character which has been circulating instant messaging networks and forums as avatars, emoticons (or smileys) for a few years now. Although the little cartoon or comic characters in the following one look familiar, I can’t place them. Take Care, Hopeful Heart, Friend, Best Friend, Polite Panda, Baby Hugs, Do Your Best, America Cares, Wish, Funshine, Thanks-a-lot, Smart Heart, Champ Care, Secret, Birthday, Daydream, Good Luck, Tenderheart, Bashful Heart, True Heart, Baby Tugs, Grumpy, Cheer, Harmony, Love-a-lot, Laugh-a-lot, Share, and Surprise Bear. Miss saucy, The moron, the punny one, the critic, the patient one, the pervert, the drama queen, the dangerous one.
Two more tagging pictures that seem to be based on the same type of drawings, but again, I can’t place then taken from the Doodle Friends app on Facebook (thanks for pointing that out Pennycake!). Angel face, beauty queen, big eyed gal, bubble, best pal, cutey, pretty, lady boss, drama queen, girl next door, happy go-luckky, hot babe, hot mama, sureeli awaaz, smarty, bezaar insaan, social butterfly, sweetheart, decent guy, cool dude, cute guy, Harry Potter, sealed lips, flirtoo, loveable, book worm, burnt toast, cellular, chatterbox, huggable, shopaholic, shutterbug, sweet tooth, weight watcher, workaholic, night owl, muscleman, movie buff, couch potato, cuddly, choc lover, neat chap, trendy, supermodel.
Angel face, big heart, baby face, joker, princess, prince, singer, basketball fan, smart gal, brainy, buddy, sporty gal, sporty guy, dancer, artist, iPodder, gamer, choc lover, coffeeholic, ice cream lover, guzzler, night owl, sunshine, soccer champ, Facebooker, lil devil, book worm, IT whiz, shutterbug, shopaholic, musical, iron chef, bible lover, health nut, junk food, writer, workaholic. Yet another, most likely Japanese comic or anime character I don’t recognise is featured in the very popular tagging picture below. Next up is a collage of 26 pin-up girls which I believe are taken from the fifties’ Coca Cola ads.
The one you can depend on, the dumb one, the naughty one, the shy one, the naked one, the one who always eats sweets, the tease, the scaredy cat, the beauty queen, gossip girl, the clumsy one, the messy artist, the romantic, the sensitive one, the jokester, the comfortable one, the musical one, the one who always gets hurt, the athlete, the playful one, the sassy one, the sleepy one, the cook, the alcoholic, the neat freak, the best friend. Do you want to associate your Facebook friends with singers, actors, sportsmen, and celebutantes? What’s are over 1 billion people on Facebook today, but we are all individuals! is your guide to standing out from the crowd on Facebook with funny status updates, upside down statuses, cool profile pictures, Facebook hacks, applications, tag your friends pictures, crazy memes and the latest news, tips and tricks. There are many reasons to fall out of love with you, Vancouver-- high rent, rain, traffic, asinine liquor laws.
A snarky but suicidal Japanese schoolgirl writes a diary about her chaotic "last days" in the heart of Tokyo's Electric City. My wigs are custom made and do not have stretch caps, but people find my wigs fit nicely when they get them. For lady wigs, without bangs, please use the exact measurement your doll head measures, dona€™t add extra. Whatever you do, never use the measurements from a factory made wig label or someone elsea€™s wig size label that you may find on your doll. I dona€™t know about you, but Ia€™ve missed a few memos that, apparently, everyone else got. The next thing I missed was the memo on the little bumps on the f and j home keys of typewriters and computer keyboards. I was a grown man in my fifties when I discovered another fact of which I alone seemed not to be aware: roadmap distances are measured from post office to post office, not edge of town to edge of town. Of course, being a high school teacher means I ran into a number of cases of kids missing out on information shared by everyone else. Probably the most embarrassing missing of a memo was when a fellow teacher couldna€™t understand why the balloons she had filled with air, not helium, didna€™t rise as they were released at a school function of which she was in charge. Speaking of teachers, how many times have I had to explain to first year teachers upon receiving their first payroll checks that the check seems a little smaller than promised because of income tax and and TRS retirement withholding.

On another occasion my brother called me to ask how much I had to pay for health insurance. Twice each year, our military services change from winter to summer and from summer to winter uniforms. During President Obamaa€™s campaign for the Presidency, he stated that he had visited 57 states. Wea€™ve all been present when someone mispronounces a word which everyone else got the standard pronunciation of in a memo which went out to all. While wea€™re on the subject, Ia€™d like to point out to a great number of folks that you missed the pronunciation memo of a whole bunch of words. And while Ia€™m on a rant about missing the memos on pronunciations, I cana€™t leave out news people who while broadcasting live on television from a location in the field, mispronounce the name of the piece of ground he or she is standing on.
I guess in a world that is rapidly changing, missing memos are more common today than ever before.
Good news, we found an existing one and it has 34 of the most popular Disney cartoon characters in it, including Mickey Mouse, Pocahontas, Alice, Simba, Bambi, Pooh the Bear, Nemo, Snow White, Jafar, Genie, Captain Hook, etc. Originally characters created by American Greetings in 1981 for use on greeting cards, the Care Bears were two years later turned into plush teddy bears by Kenner. The 24 characters in this tagging picture are taken from many different cartoon series, from Disney to Family Guy, from Kermit to Shrek.
If you know what comic, cartoon or children book they’re taken from, let me know in the comments.
The last tag picture of today is a celebrity tagging picture featuring famous personalities such as Beyonce, Adam Sandler, Hugh Hefner, Britney Spears, Borat, David Beckham, Paris Hilton, Eminem, Oprah Winfrey, Amy Winehouse, John Travolta, Michael Jackson, Perez Hilton, etc.
My reason for falling out of love with you lurks in your shadows, never mentioned, and that is— what seems to be an institutional dislike of women in this city who are plus-sized, or more plainly, young fat women.In 2004, while preparing to come to Vancouver from Portland to study at UBC, I wish someone had warned me about the tears I would shed in this city.
Find a flexible fabric cloth or vinyl measuring tape, in incha€™s, and measure around the dolls head as shown. My first time clients measure at least 5 times, always getting the same measurement,and in the end they are quite happy with the fit of the wig when they put it on their doll, so dona€™t feel like you cannot measure well. Sometimes it is easier to slip a wig over a cork pate that has been made a little bit larger , it wona€™t be something you will see. Do not measure without the dolls pate on otherwise your wig will be made way to shallow, and Never measure over an old wig, remove the old wig first. The Onion Head tagging picture with 28 Onion Heads is spreading like wildfire, and it is very likely you’ve already been tagged in one. Tears shed because I would not be able to find clothes that fit me, or people who would accept me for who I am, fat body and all. Most of the heads I work on are french heads, and either have cork pates or styrofoam pates.
Look in the mirror at your own hairline, this is where the tape should sit on your doll head when measuring.
I will say that 99% of my clients are good at measuring, and some measure twice, and five times, which is never a bad idea if you are ordering several wigs.
This dolls head measures 15 inches around and has an ear top to ear top measurement of 7 inches.
Most of the heads I work on are french heads, and either have cork pates or styrofoam pates.A  I also work on german heads if a wig is to be made to fit that type of head. And judging by the number of e-mails I get it’s clear that you want as many of these Facebook tag pics to tag your friends in as you can get.

If someone had given me the warning, I would have seriously thought twice about moving here.My first year in Vancouver was a major shock. Also make sure your doll has a pate attached to the top of the head as shown, this allows the wig too look naturalA  when placed on the dolls head. While measuring several dolls , you can get your measurements all mixed up, so always check twice. Your wig measurement you would give to me would be 15a€? x 7 a€?A  That is how easy it is to measure for one of my hand made wigs. While my friends strolled down Robson buying dresses for our dormitory formal, I would reach to the back of every rack in every store and see the tags max out at size 8, sometimes 10, very rarely size 12.I usually wear an 18 in pants and an XL in shirts.
Never give me a measurement of a doll without a pate, or doll crown, the wig will be made too shallow and will just slide off the dolls head when you get it, unless you stick a pin through the wig into the pate :). Each wig is signed and dated by me, Wendy Feidt.A  I have stayed away from any elastic stretch caps because in time elastic rots , and the fit of the wig would change with time. I went underdressed to our formal, in a black cotton skirt I brought from Portland and the largest blouse I could find downtown that did fit me-a large.
With care, my wigs will be around for many years to come, because they are made from natural materials. Never ever go by anyA  doll mold book that tells you what the head measures after firing, those measurements are for wigs with commercial stretch caps. Fool me - you can't get fooled again.a€? Ia€™m sure each got the memo, but they plainly didna€™t remember it.
In summer, my friends went swimsuit shopping and swimming in English Bay.I knew better by then to even think I would be able to do that.
Always fire your heads first, then measure each head, even if they are the same head.A  My wigs are custom made , and because they are custom made,A  my hand made wigs are not returnable due to the amount of work that goes into each and everyone of them. So measure before ordering from my pre made page with a pate on,or solid dome, this is important for good fit. My friend had to loan me his brother’s swim trunks and shirt.During my first week of graduate school two years ago, another plus-sized girl who was from the States cornered me at a party when she heard I had also done my undergrad here. Never ever go by any doll mold book that tells you what the head measures after firing, those measurements are for wigs with commercial stretch caps. I returned home to Portland often, with an empty suitcase and would pack it full of new clothes for three to six months until I could get back down to the States again.Only in the last few years have I been able to find Canadian versions of American stores (Old Navy and Forever 21, namely) who will ship plus size clothing to me here in Vancouver. But, I have to wonder exactly how much money I’ve spent on shipping fees for clothes that I could have picked up off a rack in many other cities for less.I have to say things have gotten a little better on the clothing front in Vancouver, thanks in part to a thriving burlesque scene here that does not ask for acceptance of all body types, it demands it. As a result, there are stores now where I can actually buy pants or a dress that are stylish and age appropriate, but only in East Van.
They’re also expensive and spending $150 on a dress is probably not wise when you’re a grad student, yet I’ve been forced to do it to have age appropriate clothing that will fit.
After seeing exactly how dismal my sex life was, a roommate of mine convinced me to join a dating site.In six months of being on the site, with a full body shot on my profile page, I received not a single message from anyone in the Vancouver area.
In none of those places did anyone feel the need to go out of their way and verbally berate me about my weight as they have here in Vancouver.One night, I was drinking at a bar near my house waiting for friends, when a guy in his mid-30’s sat down and offered me a drink.
We got to talking and for some reason this guy decided to bring up the fact that he was barely over 5’7’’.

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