Last month I participated in Shell's Rockin' the Bump party and gave you all a look at my (then) current baby bump.
Thrush is a yeast infection which can easily be transferred by a breast feeding mom to her baby or through a change in an infant’s environment. You may find that your baby’s thrush is painful, and your little one will demonstrate signs of discomfort. If a breastfeeding woman has developed thrush on her nipples it is highly likely that your baby will develop oral thrush.
An infant can also get infected with thrush which will present as oral thrush on its passage through the birth canal. Try to avoid leaving your baby with a pacifier or bottle to sleep with, and always make sure that you practice good sanitization when cleaning your baby’s feeding teats and pacifiers. As background, we’ve had a stellar nursing relationship since about 5 days after she was born, when she got good at latching. I would treat for thrush since there is no downside to doing it– and if you have been having pain that can be the issue. One thing that wasn’t specifically mentioned by the OP or Amy, which the OP may nonetheless have already tried, is taking a bath with your daughter. If it might be teething-related, you might try giving her some pain relief (Tylenol, Advil) and trying about an hour later.
My first baby went on a nursing strike when he was 7 months old too (might have even started at 6 months, I’ve blocked out as many memories as possible).
My daughter did something similar for three or 4 days and I found that she would nurse if I walked around carrying her while she was nursing. My daughter was also not a comfort nurser, and 7 months was our hardest breastfeeding time.
I hope some of the (many good) suggestions you get from Amy and the commenters help – you are doing a good job, and whatever the outcome, you and your babe will be ok!
Okay, this is a totally random suggestion, but just in case it helps … have you tried nursing *while walking*? I kept pumping during the day, but after a while my supply dwindled and I just had to give it up. Everybody actually has candida present in their mouth and digestive tract, it is only when there is an overgrowth that we experience thrush. While this may be upsetting to many parents, you should remember that thrush is very common amongst infants and that there are ways to treat it,  just talk to your pharmacist or health professional. This can become a problem with you transferring thrush between each other over the course of your breastfeeding; it can be very hard to get rid of thrush once it has infected mother and child. Many women experience thrush as a side effect of pregnancy and if not completely eliminated by the time labor commences there is a potential that your newborn will become infected if you have a vaginal birth.
There are still limits on which medications you can take while breastfeeding so it is important that you consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking any thrush medication. Overgrowth of candida is controlled naturally by our body by good bacteria and a strong immune system.
The only consolation about our current baby woes is that I finally have a question worth writing to you about. My supply has been great, she eats A TON, and she’s big and healthy and thriving in every way.
But it’s not a sustainable routine for the long term, and not what I signed up for as an excited-to-breastfeed mom.
It sounds like you’ve probably read everything Google can offer up about nursing strikes and encouraging a baby back to the breast.
Ezra, on the other hand, was a more emotionally difficult weaning, because things HAD been so great! As your daughter grows you will gain an appreciation for how BIG her life is, and that however long you nursed her for is actually only a tiny blip in the big picture. Sometimes the relaxation of being in the warm water, and all snuggled skin-to-skin, and the boobs just being right there, but not in a high-pressure “please latch on! What I found helped the most was to dab just a bit of orajel on his gums right before he nursed and that would numb enough that he would latch on.

I put myself through the wringer trying to get my son to keep nursing when he was showing signs of being done and completely uninterested. She was more distracted, she had (finally) started teething, she was taking bottles while I was a work that were fun!
I had it for two months (uuuuugh) when my son was tiny, and it was like knives inside my breasts when he nursed. He would do it at night, and maybe first thing in the morning, but flat out refused everything else. It was totally devastating to me, especially since we had problem after painful problem in early nursing and I was so proud that I had made it through that, and I was determined to make it to my goal of one year. Oral thrush is a common infection in infants; it will cause irritation in and around a baby’s mouth and is commonly accompanied by diaper thrush.
Babies who sleep with a bottle or pacifier may be more susceptible to a yeast infection because the delicate lining of their mouths become abraded through constant sucking. This is not a reason to opt for a cesarean section delivery, speak with your health care professional if you are worried about ways to treat oral thrush in infants.
As your little one’s immune system strengthens and their good bacteria increase you may find that the oral thrush clears up by itself. I went back to work at 8 weeks, found a pumping routine that worked for me and made enough for her, and she’s never had any trouble switching between boob and bottle.
Could she really have weaned herself before 7 months, and before she likes to eat anything else?
He bit to the point of leaving me black-and-blue, so I swear I wasn’t being a baby about some light little lovebites. I couldn’t keep dealing with not knowing how the next feeding would be received — would he reject me outright again?
Even if you nursed her well into toddlerhood, it would STILL just be one small part of your lifelong role as her mother. You didn’t mention your period, but I thought of it because you said your boobs hurt from pumping, and when I was used to pumping, mine hurt so bad around ovulation. I would try it when your baby is sleepy, and walk him around sort of in nursing position, maybe shushing a little, and when he’s comfortable and calm, just sort of quickly pull down your shirt, latch him on, and pick up your walking speed a little. There really were none of the normal clues, since  I had had so few, so irregular and such light periods since she came along. If an immune system is weak or in the case of infants not fully developed it can lead to an overgrowth which will cause thrush.
You may also see white patches on the inside of your baby’s cheeks, palate, lips and tongue. Otherwise, there are treatments you can discuss with your doctor for your baby’s thrush or other health professional.
Recognize that she’s probably not going to root and ask for it, even though I know the rejection is painful. And no, neither case was completely baby-led, but more like the end result to a bunch of weird-to-crappy circumstances that were out of our control. And you’ll be able to treasure that one small part without guilt and what-ifs, because it was lovely while it lasted, but everything that came after is just as wonderful.
I was lucky to get a great sleeper who decided sleeping overnight was more exciting than nursing, my supply dwindled and at just over 10 months he shut his mouth closed like a steel trap and turned away from my breasts. It’s super ridiculous and awkward, but somehow the movement of the walking seems to override the automatic nursing objections. Put an ice cube in one of those mesh teether bags or twist it up in a washcloth and let her suck on it. Lover of animals, DIY projects, books, blogs, rocky road ice cream, movies and a good deal. More recently, with the advent of teeth, she bit me a few times, I cried out, she got upset. But it’s still not fair to say that *I* chose to wean either of them, or that I really had any choice at all. I cried and cried and cried for a few days, felt like a failure, STILL KEPT TRYING for a week, and he still kept giving me the stink eye.

My husband was super supportive of breastfeeding, but finally, he had to stage a mini-intervention and help me realize it wasn’t working and no amount of trying on my part was going to get it working again. I had to give up nursing before I wanted and I still held my baby for every single feeding (with a few sweaty exceptions like when she was starving after a run, but 98% of the time, all cuddles). I was really worried because he had always refused to take a bottle and even on the strike he refused it.
You can also test for oral thrush yourself simply by gently touching a patch of white with a gauze covered finger. Should we do the whole crazy thrush treatment process even though the doc doesn’t buy that she has thrush?
I was so disappointed and sad and stinging from the rejection — it was so EASY for him! So, if you decide (or she decides) to be done with it, know that babies DO wean before a year, and you did the best you could. In fact, at 17months old, I still get awesome cuddle time first thing in the morning with her sippy of milk. 3) If she really is done breastfeeding forever, what can I do to make the quitting process less . He got really distracted and wouldn’t stay latched on for more than a minute or two at a time, no matter where I nursed or how quiet I managed to make the room.
I moved on and focused on new non-boob-focused ways to bond with my babies and to enjoy the benefits that came from NOT being the primary source of food and tied to the pump multiple times a day.
Sometimes we do know why but all the sage advice and wisdom and resources in the universe just aren’t enough to make it work. That may not be the issue here so keep trying all that you can as long as you want but I agree with Amy, sometimes these things just happen. It’s all in the choices you make on the atmosphere whether the milk is coming from you or a bottle. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty, either for continuing to try, or for making peace with it and letting it go. My doctor said to just give him as much watery food as I could (applesauce, any purees, etc). When she refused to nurse a week ago, I chalked it up to Thai food for lunch and thought nothing of it, until she refused the next morning too . I do have a whole pile of other stress in my life, but nothing that has really changed in the last few weeks. The last time I nursed him I knew we were done, and I just took it in, appreciated the great experience breastfeeding was, and then let it go, like a balloon into the air. Thrush lesions are painful for a baby and when it comes to feeding time they will squirm and be fussy. He did come around but that week was pure hell, me pumping to keep up my supply, offering the breast and a bottle any time he looked hungry, not feeding him for a while to see if he was REALLY hungry he’d nurse or take the bottle, constantly being worried that my baby was starving to death .
I really liked having that special time with her, and thought we’d still have it for at least a few more months. In fact, during her bad fussy periods, we would bring her in there and lie her on the floor. I keep offering her the breast, but the closest she’s come is to sort of half-curiously mouth at it and move on, like it was a subpar toy.
We made it another 2 months and I threw in the towel, I was just tired of being bit all the time. Most of the time if I try to get her into nursing position (any nursing position, up to and including some ridiculous acrobatics), she arches away and fusses.

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