We are going to be looking at six major reasons why exes can come back together are friends even after breakup. But before go, allow me state for the record that I don’t think that getting back with your ex as friends is a good idea. Some people have commitment phobia, this is why they prefer that both of you become friends rather than being serious in a relationship. When you or your ex is sure that both of you are not compatible, friendship can be the only option just because you both want to keep contact. When a player feels like he is not getting his desired attention from his ex, he can come back with the tactics of wanting to be friends just to get this person to be attached to him again.

Some people are not just sure of their relationship decisions that asking to be friends can be their way of keeping their options open so that they don’t cut ties with their ex totally.
Now you know why exes can come back to their former partner as friends and some of them are for good reasons why others are for bad ones and most times I don’t always encourage that you become friends with your ex. This does not mean that you should remains enemies, but getting your space from this person will help you move on in life and recover fast.
About Ejike John, Ejike John is a student of human characters and behaviors, a blogger, programmer, web developer and a lover of music. These people have every intention of coming back to their partner when things don’t go right with their plans.

The reasons why I think so are part of what we shall be talking about here so that you can understand me better.
What advice are you looking for when you have fully reconciled with him and infact slept with him that same day. It is easy to console urself when the decision u took turned out bad than the decision u took from others and you'll be like: had I know,they warned me,blah blah blah.

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