Mary said she and Steve used to steal gas and save coins just to get him to his gigs in their poor and early days. She stayed with Steve even though she knew about the cheating because she wanted the family she had worked for and created, and wanted it for her kids. NEXT: Fans Boo Venus Williams As She Withdraws From The Australian Open + Antoine Dodson Lands His Own Reality Show! Yes, it is about maintaining his hustle and keeping the money coming in, in order to maintain the lifestyle that he wants. We (the public) are not entitled to every aspect of these talented peoples lives, give them a break!!
I listened to her story very closely, but in my opinion she should have been socking some money away because she knew what he was like all those years, it looks to me like she is looking for a payday. Steve Harvey is a vile man and i find it ridiculous that a serial cheater is giving 'relationship' advice to women. I think after being humiliated and left with nothing she deserves make money using her story.
As a family law attorney I can tell you now that a woman does not have to be jacked up to have her children removed from her. I want your stupid ignorant a** to get a spelling book and not be so anxious to write and post your responses. Lets say Steve did all of these things - Steve has always said almost daily that he is not perfect, and he has done some things in his past that he is not proud of. I must also ask why is it that Steve has custody of their baby boy and has had custody of him. You, have really drank the Steve Harvey Kool-Aid" - and Kool-Aid in any flavor is not good for any of us. I have never been a Steve Harvey fan, because he comes off arrogant and self serving, he had mention that he had seen his current wife many years ago and told her that she was going to be his next wife. Nevertheless he is being nonchalant with the womanwho was there with him through the tough times and the woman who barged into their marriage is living the high life.
Anonymous, You are so right none of us is perfect, but isn't it "funny" how GOD forgives but man does not. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

And it detailed their cheating escapades, condom usage, hard core anal sex, and an abortion. All has sinned and Only GOD knows all, so pray for the whole situation because so many will be hurt from this.
He hit ir right on the head, the court says its about the best interest for the child but I strongly disagree;its about the green n who paints a pretty picture.
Steve admitted he was wrong in hi relationships but he had enough integrity to save the embarassing details so that these women and himself could still hold their heads up high and move on with their lives. Im pretty sure she did not just hand her son over, he probably used some excuse about her not having any money or something so that she can't have that boy.
If you all had half of a brain you would realize that Steve has never denied doing any misdeeds in his past relationships. Ive seen the same thing happen wiggly parents and once i became grown and realized what really happened, it all backfired on my dad. So we find out his clothes have been left where they first met, his video games where they first kissed, his television where they first went 'all the way' etc etc.
The letter was posted onA Imgur yesterday by Nipplesquirrelham and has already been viewed more than 180,000 times.
She also states that the reason steve got custody was because he had the money to take care of the child.
Why did you not include if Steve is really a Christian then he should also show grace he should give it to God and not sue this woman who has nothing, nothing not even her child.
He's always indicated the reasons he wrote the the books was because of his experiences and the experiences of others he knew. Furthermore, folks need to stop being so gullible by buying all of the books that charlatans like Steve and others put out to make themselves rich. Was Wynton your insurance that when the inevitable arrived you would still get a piece of the pie?
All of his advice is things your parents or grandparents told you but you didn't think it was nothing until it came out of Steve Harvey's mouth. Such blacks, in the Black culture are the ones who are the contributors to its over all pathology. Don't get me wrong if all these allegations are true then Steve is an asshole however what was your contribution to his behavior?

Don't get me wrong, I love Steve as a comedian but have no illusions about what his game is when it comes to making a buck off of the naive. So everyone needs to get over his ex being bitter to the outcome of their relationship and let them handle it themselves.
I think she is doing an injustice to their son by dragging their dirty linen through the public, although time passes people don't completely forget, who knows maybe it will make him (their son) famous one day. When a person is down then things begin to look up even the most narcisstic person "remembers" where they came from who was really there. Another thing, this reminds me of the Tyler Perry movie "Diary of a mad black woman" when the husband came home and dragged the wife, bodily out of the house for a light - skinned, perhaps younger woman because she no longer fit into his scheme of things; looks too black, not as pretty, the body isn't as tight, doesn't look that good on his arm while the other woman is the perfect (looking) trophy wife, would not surprise me if this were the premise as it has been in the past when black sports figures, actors, musicians, etc. The fact that you went public with such personal issues indicates you are a person of little integrity and appear to be nothing more than a woman scorned. Will you start to embrace the truth completely and stop discriminating what you will face and will not face. Your concern for your child is secondary to your desire to taint the reputation of a man that has openly admitted his wrongdoings without unnecessary details. But, that black N*gg* actually thought that people was going to sweep his dirty deeds under the rug and keep them secret. As for me I think these folks should go on with the rest of their lives because in awhile nobody's gonna care anyway, especially since the divorce took place several years ago. I believe most of this sudden reaction is a result of his success and people (as always) were waiting for something to discount him on. Famous men are such cash - Cows and fodder for gossip, but don't get me wrong please, Steve doesn't get any praise from me either, but he is human and apparently a fool - - what goes around comes around as he will see and perhaps is seeing now. I don't really care, but it is very annoying and I am not going to pretend that it does not exist. We learn such behavior from the Black church--not the Bible, mind you, because the Bible speaks of Jesus Christ as a revolutionary, a contender, one that tells it like it is.
The only lawyer you know is one who defended you, a friend, or a family member who was facing legal issues.

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