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Rexton is a hearing aid company that, for more than 50 years, has provided hearing solutions. The new Insite+ product is rechargeable and has several automatic features that can adjust to specific listening environments. The Pico devices fit deep into the second bend of the ear canal and offer a comfortable fit. Rexton’s Stream+ is an open-fit custom hearing aid that takes advantage of the natural shape of the ear.
Rexton also offers rechargeable options, for behind-the-ear styles, from basic to premium levels of technology.
For people with mild to severe hearing loss, assistive hearing devices amplify sounds or reduce ambient noise so you or your loved ones can hear what you want to with perfect clarity.
Veras 5xOur advanced hearing instrument family delivers excellent speech understanding in changing listening situations. It offers the latest in wireless technology that provides clear speech signals along with patient comfort. This technology includes Focus 360?, which enhances dominant speech signals regardless of their location.

This technology offers automatic multi-channel adaptive directional microphones, Feedback Preventer, and automatic noise reduction. This six channel device includes adaptive directional microphones, basic noise reduction, and Feedback Preventer.
This four channel device includes standard directional microphones, basic noise reduction, and Feedback Preventer. This placement is able to use the natural directivity of the ear to produce a sound that is non-occluding. This product is an open fit solution that offers automatic noise reduction, Feedback Preventer, and an automatic environment manager, which samples the listening environment and adapts itself for maximum performance.
Each of these devices is perfect for use at home or on the go, bringing crystal clear sounds with you wherever you go!
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. It also has Sound Locator, which mimics the response of your natural ear to maximize sound localization.
Independent Living means improved convenience for you or a loved one with special needs such as the elderly, individuals with specific challenges or impairments, and those living with disabilities.

It also has Sound Radiance, which enhances the perception of high pitches, and SoundSmoothing, which softens sudden impulse sounds. We provide technological assistance systems, covering safety and security, personal health, communication, Alzheimer's and cognition tools, wanderer alerts and more.
These devices also come equipped with Feedback Preventer, automatic multi-channel adaptive directional microphones, and an adaptive feedback cancellation system. They also have Automatic Environment Management that automatically adjusts the hearing aid features for the specific listening environment. Find improved quality of life with residential technology whether you have low vision or blindness, are hard of hearing or deaf, mobility impaired, physically challenged or simply enjoying your golden years.

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