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No matter what you're planning to do today, it would go better if you were listening to our MEE M6 or Metro in-ear headphones. Don't let wires get in the way of your multimedia experience - untether yourself from your smartphone or tablet for full freedom of movement, hands-free phone calls, and premium audio your device speakers just can’t deliver. Noise-Isolating in-ear design and wireless convenience make the Metro your go-anywhere companion for music and phone calls. Engineered to rival the sound of high end wired earphones, the Metro utilizes Apt-X technology for the highest quality Bluetooth audio streaming possible.

The lightweight and ergonomic fit of the Metro provide all-day comfort while the multiple eartips fit a variety of ear sizes, and the included ear fins provide stability for use on the go. Utilizing Bluetooth 4.0, Multipoint technology, and inline remote, the Metro gives you complete control over your multimedia and phone experience.
Beyond any applicable Neweggflash return policy, this item is warranted independently by the product's Manufacturer or a Third party.
Advanced features including wireless audio streaming, hidden microphone, and built in media controls simplify your life.

Hear full range sound that is rich yet balanced, providing an enveloping and involving experience. With the ability to connect with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously, the Metro allows you to manage calls from two different phones or seamlessly take calls from your phone while listening to media on another device.

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