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Don’t you hate it when you’re browsing in Internet Explorer and you have to constantly hear that clicking sound!? I find windows sounds infuriating – especially when I am recording something and want to navigate the computer. I have tried turning them off, but Windows XP – ‘works the way you want it to’ – doesn’t believe that I really want sound off and turns them back on again!
Forum Samsung Android Phones Samsung Galaxy S5 How do I stop the facebook popping sound on my Samsung Galaxy S5 it is annoying? I am very close to just uninstalling the dern thing, it is a time waster and an invite for malware to get on your phone. Posted via Android Central App I'm glad that FB has a Sounds setting on your phone, but on this phone, it simply don't exist.

Personally, it drives me mad and the clicking sound is still in all the latest versions of IE! Follow the instructions for Vista and with a little looking around you’ll find the settings for Win 7. And since Facebook updates the device outside of the Play Store most often, it's hard to know when the app is updated, and what updates are made to the app. If you are a bit wimpy, then create a new folder in ‘media’ and move all the sound files into it. I should be able to like a photo of one of my nieces or nephews' kids without annoying everyone around me with that stupid popping sound.
In either case – the result is blessed silence and Windows cannot reinstate the damn things.

I wish they would just give us the options and let us choose what we want and what we don't.
Let us personalize it - let the kids keep the pops and clicks if they want them, just don't make it the same for everyone.
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