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Avada Audiology and Hearing Care services can be found in more than 280 locations in 20 states. The company strives to serve the hearing impaired with the highest degree of professionalism, technology and customer service. Avada offers a number of complimentary service for their customers including hearing screening, cleaning and a consumer handbook to help answer all your hearing related questions.
Avada Arris PHD is an open-fit hearing aid that offers versatility, convenience and performance. Avada HearO is a hearing designed to change your listening environment, having a better experience hearing. More people are turning on their computers and going online to go shopping for everything from tennis shoes, crafts and tools. Believe it or not, hearing loss has many negative side affects other than missing out on conversation. If you have a battery tester, check your battery to make sure it is not dead.  If it is, simply replace the battery with a fresh one and see if your hearing aid will function. If your hearing aid is plugged with foreign debris like wax, the sound may not be able to come out of the hearing aid.  You can use your cleaning tools or a soft bristled toothbrush to make sure your microphones and earpiece remain a clear pathway for sound. If your hearing aid is cracked or broken, take all retrievable pieces to your hearing healthcare professional. If you are wearing a behind-the-ear hearing aid, you should have your tubing replaced about every three months, sooner if you noticed it has hardened or cracked.

Battery life depends on the size of the battery, the size of hearing aid, how long the hearing aid is worn per day, and the amount of power being pushed out of the hearing aid.  Battery life will also vary across hearing aid manufacturers and can range anywhere from 5 to 14 days. Locate a hearing aid office near your zip code that offers Troubleshoot your hearing aid hearing aids.
Our practitioners strive to provide excellence in patient care in a comfortable and caring atmosphere by establishing lifetime relationships with our patients. Jeff Hartney is a Hearing Instrument Specialist that serves the Wilmington, Shallotte and Whiteville, NC office. Studies show 85% of people with dizziness or poor balance have an underlying inner ear problem. We are committed to serving the hearing impaired with the highest degree of integrity, professionalism, ethics, technology and service available to ensure the highest patient satisfaction.
As an audiologist, I hear many people give excuses for why they haven?t sought help for their hearing loss. Phonak Audeo Zip is a hearing aid that offers power, flexibility and durability in every lifestyle. Wearing a Phonak Audeo Zip you can enjoy a fuller spectrum of audible sounds, including speech. These hearing aids have an UltraZoom Standard and NoiseBlock, so you can “zoom” in on voices in the front and cut down on noises behind you. A global provider of hearing solutions, Sonic Innovations is passionate about quality, technology and improving lives through enhanced hearing.

Dedicated to helping the growth of their hearing health care partners, the company based off Salt Lake City, spans in more than 25 countries. Improving life through enhanced hearing and delivering products that provide exceptional patient benefit is the motto of Sonic Innovations. Velocity provides solutions specifically designed to meet each patient’s individual lifestyle, budget, and hearing needs. However, not all of these reasons warrant a drive to your hearing healthcare professional.  There are some simple steps that should be taken first since the problem may only require a simple fix that you can do at home. The ridged side of the battery should be placed in the side of the battery door that is enclosed or has a lip.  The battery must be placed in the hearing aid battery door the correct way or the door will not close properly. But today?s technology offers features which sounded like science fiction just a few years ago. At 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, Sonnic Inovations hearing aid received a Design and Engineering award.

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