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Fashion earrings are the most common form of jewelry not only amongst ladies but also amongst the guys. Dangle Earrings or Chandelier Earrings:Dangle earrings as the name suggests are meant to dangle in the ear. Stud Earrings: Stud earrings, better known as ear studs are the small button like earrings which look as if studded into the earlobe. Non-Pierced Earrings are the earrings which do not need a piercing in the ear for sticking. Clip-On Earrings: Clip-on earrings refer to the two-part piece earring which flip up to get attached onto the earlobe using mechanical pressure to hold the earring well in place.

Ear Cuff: Ear cuff refers to the curved band of metal which is pressed onto the helix of the ear and is stuck there by pinching the ear. Magnetic Earrings:Magnetic earrings are the metal earrings which are held securely on the earlobe with the help of a small magnet. Besides the expensive materials like gold, diamond, silver, platinum, swarovsky crystals, fashion earrings of inexpensive materials have become very popular in the fashion circuit. These are light weight earrings with a certain length to it which makes it swing within the ear piercing.
These earrings have the typical design of a round plastic button or stone like thing attached to a thin metal stick which has to be inserted into the earlobe.

For bulk requirement of women's earrings, ladies fashion earrings, stylish fashion earrings, designer fashion earrings, ladies costume earrings like studs, stick on earrings, ear cuff, hoop earrings and other fashion jewelry earrings, send us online enquiry and you will get immediate response from genuine suppliers. These earrings are ladies costume or fashion earrings made of materials like metal, glass, leather, plastic, terracotta, resin, stone, wood, shell, bone etc.
Generally, the earlobes are pierced for wearing an earrings but now a days, with the popularity of flaunting trendy earrings in an innovative style, people get different points on the ear pierced.

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