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We all walked up a trail to the top of this hill, much like the top of a mountain with a steep cliff on the other side, there were pine trees all around us and we are all just looking out across the terrain, my father was to my left and the others were on my right….
At first, we are just watching it and then we realize it is coming for us…aggressively almost angrily. He does not give up in his attempts to climb the side of the cliff wall, which IS getting him closer to us! We come to a ‘y’ in the trail, we can go back to the parking lot where our cars are parked or we can go the opposite direction into the forest.

We choose to follow the trail, which goes up and across a wooden bridge and into never, never land!! Some of the people in our group, mostly the young people, have sleeping bags and then there is the man with the red ball cap!!
I go back down the path, over the bridge and to the ‘y’ in the path and I decide to confront the bear… I didn’t have to find him, he suddenly appears – coming straight for me! As I am getting ready for work that morning and going through my regular morning routine, I cannot shake the dream, it was so very real.

At the time, that I had this dream, I had internally made a choice to leave my corporate job and my known paycheck…to start my own business, using my ability working with the people and their pets.

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