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You are not one of these people (or you would probably not be drawn to read this information.) However, you can become one of those people who lives their life in a natural high.
In those who have low levels of neurochemicals the use of the Brainmax temporarily increases the neurochemicals to normal for several hours. Once they have become balanced the typical person only needs to use the Brianmax about an hour every month or so to maintain the balance they have acheived.
Of those people who are reading this the percentage of those who will benifit significantly is probably over 80%.
It's a sad commentary but about half of us in the United States have suppressed our endorphin and other neurochemicals until that supression has become permanent.** That is unless the person uses the Brainmax to make it normal again. You can download this instructional video clip which shows exactly how the Brainmax works (left).
Our body normally does a pretty good job of repairing itself on it's own with the amount of electricity that we normally create. When there is an injury such as with a concussion or a stroke which involves nerve cells the person is often drawn to use 96 (or 100 Hz) and 315 Hz in spite of the fact that 175 or 250 Hz should be more appropriate for the general healing effect (the first ffect). A person with a lack of alertness will probably have low adrenaline (2000 Hz) as a cause especially if allergies are also involved. Studies do state and show that NET supposedly increases the effectiveness of opiates from 176-306% but it doesn't actually do even that. Another condition which benefits from extra electricity is bone healing, even for horses (photo right which I found on this incredible web site about the subject) I felt that I should include this example for those people who are thinking this is all BS and everyone's results are caused by a placebo effect. Both electricity and magnetics, which are virtually the same thing and are interchangeable, have long been used for bone healing. Taking a drug shuts down the body's production of the natural drug (such as Endorphins when taking opaites). The shut down can also be caused by stress, etc which temporarily floods the system with natural neurochemicals until that systems gets exhausted and just shuts down completely. Other research that we are doing or are interested in doing can be found of course on our research page. Other people's research studies can be read about mainly on our links page (along with of course the links associated with those studies). There have been times in my life when there is simply no question in my nimd that what is presenting itself to me is right for me. Once my spiritual eye was opened, quickly and easily, there was some discomfort and stress.
For me, it was very important to be able to communicate with you and try to understand what was going on. I had a stroke and while I was in the hospital the doctors told me that with this kind of stroke I would probably never walk again and that it would be very hard for me to talk.
Please make certain that you don't have a medical condition before you purchase a Brainmax. If you need a referal to a medical professional then let us know and we will help you find one.
So CES machines are still prescribed and for the treatment of those same three specific ailments and they only use the same 100 Hz as that original machine did and no others. It seems that quite possibly the background magnetic field produced by the electric grid in the US could be the cause of much of the lack of endorphins that Americans suffer from. Also, any Brits who lack endorphins almost all have clear reasons that they can attribute their lack of endorphins to such as alcohol or drug use. Also, our returns for refunds of our Brainmax which are sold to people in countries with 50 Hz electricity are about twice what they are for 60 Hz countries. His work in the 1950's eventually was presented at a conference in Germany, and gained the interest of researchers in China. In a similar fashion, a form of hand acupuncture developed in Korea theorizes that all of the 12 primary channels and two of the secondary channels of traditional Chinese acupuncture are represented on the hand.
The benefits of ear acupuncture and stimulation of points on the ears with small magnets, seeds, and beads have yet to be studied in depth.
In the brain, there are larger representations of head and hand in association with actual brain structures than there are representations of other areas of the body. If you are interested in experimenting to see if ear stimulation can help the problem you are having, I suggest you try massaging the ear in the areas indicated on the chart with sesame oil, and see if you think there is a benefit. If you find some value in ear stimulation, you may either continue massage on a regular basis, or you may attempt to focus in on a particular point on the ear.
The needle certainly stays in place more easily than the tape, but must be removed if it is uncomfortable or if any signs of infection develop.
With both modern and traditional medical systems, the value of each component may be limited when used in isolation.
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Acupuncture Points of the 12 Main Meridians, CV & GVDetailed Anatomical Point Location Descriptions.
Set of 2 acupuncture point location posters showing the meridians and point locations for the 12 main meridians, CV and GV. Please check your shipping address before completing your transaction with Paypal!Money back guarantee on all orders.

Poster of the 12 main meridians, CV & GV with numbered points, five element phase points, horary cycle and command points. Poster of the 12 main meridians, CV & GV with numbered points, anatomical point location descriptions. Then the levels decrease but never all the way back to where they were before the Brainmax was used. They realize that the tense and unhappy person that they used to be was not really them at all. If you were not low in Endorphins or other neurochemicals then you probably would not be reading this. It was made for those who have already purchased a unit but it is very informative for everyone else. Without electricity not only would humans not be on earth but no animal, plant or bacteria would be alive. This is probably because 96 and 315 Hz are specific frequencies for endorphins and mitochondria (in that order).
If you are anxious with out there being a reason for it then it is highly likely you lack a neurochemical. Moody for no reason at all can be a lack of properly working mitochondia (315 Hz) but it can also be a lack of one of the B vitamins.
What it does is make the body much more sensitive to the drugs (and also natural Endorphins) by healing it. Let's use as an example a race horse worth seven million dollars who has broken a bone and it just won't heal. Let's just say that it is not worth seven million dollars, at least not to the Taliban poppy growers in Afghanistan, not to the drug companies and certainly not to the Mexican mafia or Columbian cartels.
I had quit drinking two months earlier and the Brainmax really was the icing on the cake for me. I think especially when it seems to me that the treatment took also a lot of negativity away from me, like bad feelings from the past, depression, loneliness or like you said an addiction to certain type of relationships. I lost twenty five pounds using the Brainmax The best part is that the machine has kept it off.
If you have any kind of illness then do yourself a favor and forget about the Brainmax until you see a doctor. The Brainmax is only to be used for experimental purposes and is not to be used to treat any disease state.
In similar cultures such as in the UK people where 50 Hz is used they seem to have about half the lack of endorphins that Americans do. Most American's who have low endorphin levels can't attribute it to any specific reason (other than vague one's like stress or depression). It's a type of empowerment but it only works with women and only using one of the 11 frequencies. The Chinese continued to try to find points on the ear which corresponded to areas on the body, and they used small seeds or needles to stimulate these points in the hopes of affecting pain and other disorders. Yamomoto feels that frequent stimulation of points on the scalp can be helpful in neurological disease and in the rehabilitation of stroke patients, and his own practice is focused on the treatment of these disorders. Very small needles or magnets are used to treat these points with the goal of achieving the same result as treating the body points used by traditional acupuncturists. I have found ear points to be useful occasionally as an adjunct to treatment of the body, though it is difficult to say how much clinical effect ear stimulation contributes when other components of Oriental medicine are utilized in addition.
Because of the importance of facial expression and finger coordination in humans, stimulation of these areas may have increased potency when compared with other areas of the body.
A fingernail or a dull probe, such as the tip of a ball point pen, might be used to press a particular point for 7-15 seconds to see if you note a benefit.
Expert acupuncturists will use a small needle at the point, or tape a small bead (like a tiny jewelry bead), or a seed, or even a small Korean hand magnet at the point. Practically speaking, it is difficult to maintain any tape on the complex and flexible surfaces of the ear. In order to make it possible to see all the tiny print on these maps, I have provided a larger file, so it may take a little longer for this page to load.
For those interested in Oriental medicine, the best results in the majority of patients will usually require a diagnostic evaluation to determine which of the aspects of any Oriental system of medicine is most applicable. With a week or so of using the Brainmax for an hour or two each day a person's neurochemistry stays at a high normal level for months at a time.
That old person 'vanishes' and a 'new' happier person with a 'near permanent peace of mind' almost inevitably emerges. The amount of electricity we produced was ok when humans lived no longer than an average of 40 years but not now with our increased life spans.
Ongoing anxiety for no reason is usually an indication of either a lack of GABA (30 Hz) or Endorphines 96 Hz). The body quickly become much healthier and that is why it takes less opiates to kill the pain.
All you have to do is look in the eyes of a person who has used NET to see the stability and calmness that it produces. So even if the production of natural endorphins returns to normal the body would be insisitive to them. So when I was going through that I would feel sad at times, facing some of the mess in my life.

It seems that the machine does something to the set point in my brain and has caused me to keep the weight off.
Two weeks later, to the amazement of the hospital staff, I walked out of the hospital unaided and I only have a slight lisp which sounds more like a foreign accent than anything else.
I started right away using the Brainmax and from minute to minute I could feel the changes coming about.
NET was developed in the UK specifically for the treatment of drug addiction and uses a large range of frequencies while CES was developed in the US and used only a few frequencies.
It showed an increase of endorphin's in the cerebrospinal fluid of 219% (that means over 3 times as great in the blood system but it more likely creates ~5 times that level in the brain), serotonin doubled and Melatonin increased 2-4 fold.* Many other studies show similar results. Yamamoto has developed a theory of scalp acupuncture based on this concept, and he has taught this approach to several groups of acupuncturists and physicians in the U.S. Any low risk procedure that offers the promise of relief should be investigated, but the long term value of ear stimulation in pain control and to reduce appetite has not been rigorously studied. Don't press to the point of extreme pain, but some discomfort is to be expected when stimulating the ear. Taped products such as the "acubeads" offer a convenient method of experimenting with ear stimulation if you can afford the expense.
Another about 25% lack dopamine or have a low level of mitochondrial activity (315 Hz) and likewise for Adrenaline (2000 Hz) and GABA (30-32 Hz). Over 50% of oldsters find that the Brainmax gives them an instant uplift when they use that frequency. It should be completely obvious to anyone that we need additional electrical energy to make up for our increased life spans. We find that frequencies from 50 to 350 Hz are the most effective while the strongest effects are usually seen with 175-250 Hz. They are simultaneously receiving both a general overall healing and also the specific repair of their endorphins and mitochondria. You will know long before then if it will help you and if it doesn't then you can just return it for a full refund. Not only is the person more sensitive to opiates but they also are more sensitive to their own natural endorphins (and their endorphin production also increases). Instead they put a magnetic coil over the broken bone, pumped 2 cents worth of electricity through it and in eight weeks the bone healed up completely.
They weigh their continuous unhappiness against the horrors of drug addiction and decide to go back to using.. But the thing that convinced me even more about the effectiveness of the machine was a friend who was going through DT"s. The Braimax can easily make a person feel really good due to it's ability to normalize brain chemistry even if the person is really quite ill. Try stimulation twice or three times a day to see if you note any difference in the duration, intensity, or frequency of discomfort. By using the Brainmax I was able to lower my pain medication to four tablets a day within one week and that is enough to kill all the pain. I can't prove the Brainmax did anything but according what should have happened it must have done a lot.
The school doctor prescribed me Seconal, a barbiturate, in order to sleep in the dorms during most of my freshman year. So do not let this effect fool you into thinking that the Brainmax is making you well when it is only making you feel like you are well.
The drug is simply robbing them of their natural high and with that they lose their sense of well being. That in itself is not necessarily bad but if you wish to use NET to get off of drugs entirely then please go to the Patterson's clinic in the UK and use it there.
Now face it, your illness just isn't worth seven million dollars because you will never be able to run at 45 mph like that horse could. Within ten minutes he was so calm and serene that you would never have thought that he was an alcoholic.
When I first used the Brainmax 17 years later and I put it on the 'sedative frequency' (30Hz) it knock me over I became so intoxicated. I was driving my car at the time and I had to immediately pull over and sleep for three hours. The typical 60 year old reports that it stimulates their minds and gives them the vitality as well as the flexibile thinking of a 40 year old. Some drug users think that they are going to use less drugs and get higher by using the Brainmax but in the end it doesn't work out that way. If it were simply an increase in power many men would sense it as a threat because it would not involve any improvement in personality. However, it is not seen as a threat so it must bring around other changes including detachment and a higher vibration which actually creates that increase in power. Unfortunately NET has no effect on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but it has helped me on just about everything else including to a significant degree my A.D.
It does not affect men nearly as much or in the same way as just a straight increase in raw power.

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