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Announced during Nokia World 2010, back in September last year, Nokia’s BH-905i Bluetooth Stereo headset was launched as a follow-up to the BH-905.
Mostly known for its mobile phones’ build quality, the Finnish giant has managed to do an excellent job with the BH-905i as well.
Besides design, the main attraction of the headset is the Active Noise Cancellation feature, which makes the music sound and voice calls incredibly clear.
It really looks like a premium product with the mix of high quality plastic and metal, as well as excellent padding.Unlike the BH-905, Nokia Bluetooth BH-905i features a more streamlined headband, which makes them more comfortable to wear. You won't be able to swivel them more than 90 degrees outward and about 30 degrees inward. Additionally, both can be tilted towards their axis, which make the headset fit even better.

These microphones are meant to register any surrounding noise and suppress it using the Active Noise Cancellation technology. A small LED indicator will flash red when the battery is almost depleted, green when it's full, and blue when the headset is discoverable or paired. The left earpiece features the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) switch, as well as the headset's standard charger port.
A metallic Nokia engraving is also placed at the middle of the headband on the outer side.The Power button is also used as a Multifunctional key to make calls, pair the device, or even activate the Bass equalizer and Stereo widening function. To pair the BH-905i for the first time you will need to press and hold the Power key for about 5-6 seconds until the light indicator will start flashing blue. With the exception of the iPhone, I didn't have any trouble pairing the headset and listening to music.

Depending on the device used with the BH-905i and the quality of the music files, the multimedia experience can be good or very good. Controlling the music player with the keys located on the right earpiece may work very well on some devices, or not at all on others.

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