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There are many home remedies for diabetes, and herbal supplements for diabetes type 2, (some you may never have heard of!) Diabetes mellitus mainly affects the blood glucose levels and utilization of glucose as energy in the body.
Phosphorus is another one of the home remedies for diabetes – very beneficial for pancreatic disorders including diabetes. This homeopathic treatment  method is highly effective in treating diabetes that is associated with any gastro-hepatic conditions.
Long before the effects of insulin on diabetic patients were proven, pancreatic juice was often used to treat diabetes in homeopathy.
This treatment method is highly effective especially for diabetic patients who are also affected by hepatic disorders. It is vital for diabetes to be diagnosed and treated early in order to avoid further complications. Headaches have become common in our fast paced high stress world,about 90% men and 95% of women suffer from headache at one point of time or other in their life. Migraine is usually characterized by one sided headaches, nausea, vomiting and visual impairment, the pain itself may last for half an hour to a couple of days. Homoeopathy ideally helps in treating the patient individualisticaly after a detailed history and understanding of expression of the patient and then he is administered customised medicine so that the headaches become less intense, less frequent and finally disappear. Glucose is vital for building up muscles and it also acts as fuel for numerous brain functions. The signs and symptoms of dyspepsia include; polyuria, polydipsia, dry skin and dryness in the mouth.

This treatment is also very useful when diabetes occurs with other conditions including tuberculosis and gouty diathesis. This homeopathic remedy reduces chronic pain, dryness in the mouth and dryness in the skin which are typical symptoms for gastro-hepatic diabetes. The pancreatic juice should be administered along with water under supervision in doses of 10-20 drops. If left untreated, diabetes can damage tissues that are vulnerable to the effects of high blood sugar levels such as the eye, kidney, large blood vessels and the nerves. There are different types of headaches most common among them are tension headaches, Migraine and Sinus headaches.
However, the blood glucose level is usually high in diabetic conditions and it might cause serious health problems or even death. It gets rid of symptoms such as sudden dryness in the mouth, thirsty, feeling, emaciation and frequent urination. This symptom can be used along with acetic acid as well as carbolic acid to improve diabetic symptoms.
Supervision is very important in order to avoid overdosing especially in this treatment method. Patients may also experience general weakness, bitter taste in the mouth and dryness in lips.
However, if this is not treated and instead suppressed by taking Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), the intensity goes on increasing to such an extent that it will be disabling and will decrease work productivity of the person.

Homeopathy is one of the treatments for diabetes and it can improve the health of patients and also aid in achieving control over the blood glucose level. However, people under this treatment will feel thirsty frequently and also experience an increased appetite.
Examples of this treatment method in homeopathy medicine include natrum sulphuricum and arsenicum. The tongue will also become flabby and the patient might suffer from mood disorders as well. This, along with the numerous natural remedies for diabetes will certainly improve and help to reverse your condition.
The cause of igrane headache is unkown but the common triggers are stress of either physical or emotional innature, bright lights, loud noises, alcohol, cheese, changes in sleep pattern. Prolonged use of NSAIDs can also lead to more serious side effects like kidney failure, liver failure, ulcers etc. However, it is vital to consult a homeopathic doctor in order to ensure that this treatment suits your body and the stage your diabetes is at.

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