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What is the Victorian style curtain? Many people would encounter the problem that what is the Victorian style curtain?
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As an instantaneous voltage indicator used in a variable power supply (which will be used to simulate a photovoltaic array of a student's designed satellite), I am using some LEDs controlled by PWM (~31 KHz). That same signal is being fed to a low-pass filter to create an analog voltage, which then is amplified and buffered to simulate the power generated by a solar panel. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged led pwm noise decoupling-capacitor snubber or ask your own question.

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In the market there are many different kinds of the curtains, and what is the Victorian style, and what are the difference from the other style of the curtains, and what would be its own features? Which is the most effective, taking into account real-world components (ESR in capacitors etc)?
Here we would like to give the introductions about this content listed as followed and hope they will be helpful for your curtains choosing . In fact, many people know the Victorian is just the name of a city, while the popular Victorian style is an art style which is formed in the 19th century, this latest art style is the sense experience and the mind definition, thus the Victorian curtains would be quite different from the other styles of the curtains, and the material using would be quite brave, this style required large amount of the lace using which is half-transparent and obscure, it also leave the dim impression, or this style curtain use the ribbon which bring the silk graceful feeling. If ripple is still too large to your liking, add a electrolytic capacitor in parallel to the 100nF. It will suppress ringing and will avoid the transistor spending too much time in linear mode (=dissipating heat).
Can't think of a good application in this particular case to have the c) configuration.

In nowadays the Victorian curtains are widely used, we can find the curtains in the hotels, and luxurious apartments, and even a lot of friends around us also choose this style curtain, especially the young friends, they changed the original curtains at home into the Victorian style curtain, what they want to get is just the visual appreciation and enjoyment. In addition, we know the lace producing is difficult, and almost of the lace in the Victorian curtains are made by hand, it would be another main factor for the popular elements of the Victorian curtain. The 100nF will suppress the higher frequency components and the electrolytic capacitor will do better for lower frequency components. And the Victorian curtains would be the symbol of the luxurious feeling, which would not only show the high grade of the host taste but also show the well appearance of the whole house. While also there are laces and ribbons used in the curtains, they are also easy to be matched with other decorations in the house.
You can choose any style of the furniture, just make sure the colors would be harmonious is enough, the Victorian style curtains would never covered by other special decorations in the house, they would be always the most shining part of the room.

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