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Martini-style is a popular type of earring setting, and you should be familiar with its construction and characteristics if you’re going to be shopping for earrings. Depending on their shape and construction, diamond stud settings can be subdivided into three main types: basket-style setting, crown-style setting, and martini-style setting. These settings differ most notably in the shape of their bottom as well as how far from the earlobe the diamond in the earring sits.RelatedDon't know how to select a good diamond?
The martini-style earring setting has a cone-like shape, so the bottom of the setting gradually becomes narrower. The setting itself is made up of a metal frame and usually has 3 prongs, although 4-prong martini-style settings are also common. A characteristic of this setting is not only its narrow bottom, whose design differs from that of the basket-style and the crown-style setting, but also the fact that the diamond is set low in the frame, close to the ear.RelatedLooking to buy a diamond? As already mentioned, martini-style diamond studs differ from other earrings in terms of how the setting is designed. The crown-style setting is also flat at the point where it touches the earlobe, but this type of setting usually has a more solid construction than that of the basket-style setting, and the diamond sits farther from the ear.
One of the good things about the martini-style setting is that it holds the stone closer to the earlobe, improving the balance of the stud when it is worn. In contrast, diamonds in crown-style settings project farther out, as do stones in many basket-style settings.
Another advantage of the martini-style setting is that it is usually made with less metal compared with the crown-style setting.
The most often cited concern about the martini-style setting is that its narrow bottom could dig into the ear hole and even stretch it. Further information: Learn more about diamond earrings and read about how to choose a setting for diamond stud earrings.
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Thinking of buying a loose diamond? We recommend that you only buy diamonds that you have actually seen and examined in detail.
We have found the 3D diamond viewing tool of James Allen to be particularly helpful, as it allows you to look at each diamond in from all sides. For diamond earrings and studs, we highly recommend James Allen because it shows real photos and videos for each diamond so you can take a 360-degree look at any stone before having it set in the earrings of your choice. Click here to read our review of James Allen and then read our Step-By-Step Diamond Buying Guide.
We're sorry, it looks like you're using a browser that doesn’t fully support Zoara's website graphics. I got these diamond stud earrings for my girlfriend this Christmas and she totally flipped for them! We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Please Note : DUE TO CLIENT REQUESTS, WE WILL BE DELIGHTED TO SET THE CENTER STONE AREA OF THE EARRINGS WITH GEM QUALITY CUBIC ZIRCONIA?S AT NO CHARGE. Lo sentimos, parece que su navegador no cuenta con los requerimentos para mostrar los graficos de Zoara. Encuentre los estilos mas populares de la temporada en la Coleccion de Joyeria de Moda de Zoara! Let’s see how martini-style diamond studs are made and what their pros and cons are in comparison with other settings.
Most often, the stones in the earrings are round or rectangular, as these are some of the most popular cuts. We've done the job for you: See our special selection of eye-clean diamonds that we've handpicked and vetted for quality. The profile of this setting resembles a martini glass, and this is where the name comes from.

For example, the basket-style setting is also made up of a metal frame, but its bottom is flat. As a result, diamonds in martini-style studs tend to be more visible and have greater brilliance.
Many people wear martini-style earrings without experiencing any problems, but this potential issue is something you should think about when choosing diamond studs.
Every diamond is unique, and a mere description of color, cut and clarity is not sufficient — even stones of the same grades might look different. These modern 14 karat white gold stud earrings feature a beautiful half-bezel setting for a stunning look.Looking for a different gemstone or size? I've worn these earrings every day since they've arrived because they're so beautiful and comfortable! Contact our office at 1 888 800 8011 or 1 954 454 8454 for a Professional Gemological opinion. THE OPENING ON THE SIDE OF THE SEMI BEZELS, ALLOWS FOR LIGHT TO REFLECT INTO THE BEAUTY OF YOUR DIAMONDS. All Styles are Available in 14K or 18K White or Yellow Gold or 950 Platinum and Available in All finger Sizes. Nosotros lo hacemos por ti!Llamanos para mas informacion sobre precios y productos en existencia.

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