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Many patients are seen to pop up the mainstream medicines for long period of time and bring the high blood pressure under control, but little lax in medication may cause the problem to get back. Omega 3 fatty acids are also great support for the heart and help in the reduction of bad cholesterol and keeping the blood pressure under control. However, high blood pressure is even worse as it increases the risk of heart ailments many fold.
So whenever high blood pressure is detected the person should follow some medication and make some lifestyle changes.

It reduces the ‘bad’ cholesterol in the blood and brings in improvement in the blood coagulation system. Blood pressure is mostly caused by a few things like the consumption of oil rich food and curry, too much tension and worry at work or home and the hectic lifestyle that does not give way to any physical exercise regime.
In the modern day, the food habit of fiber rich vegetables, fruits and cereals are mostly replaced by sugary elements and fried food. This supplement tends to compensate for some of the dietary green vegetable fibers and vitamins.

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