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However, the malicious melody belted out by Vestas & Co in that video goes nowhere near covering the effect of the sub-audible stuff (aka a€?infrasounda€™) that cana€™t be heard but is most certainly felt by those exposed. Trying to explain the combined effect of the audible low-frequency and sub-audible frequencies generated by giant turbines, to those that havena€™t had to live with it on a daily basis, is like trying to explain a migraine to someone who has never had a headache.
What is detailed in the diary above is perfectly consistent with the experiences of wind farm neighbours across the Globe.
One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said she knew right away that the turbines were moving because she began to feel nauseous, along with a headache.
Robert Rand, a Boulder, Colorado, resident and an acoustic investigator and member of the Acoustical Society of America, said the reason for the headaches and nausea is directly related to the wind turbines.

Rand said the separate pressure pulsations are like the a€?whump, whump, whump,a€? people sometimes experience when they are riding in a car with the windows down. According to an article accepted into The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America Feb.
20, a€?Infrasound is acoustic energy, sound pressure, just like the low to high frequency sounds that we are accustomed to hearing.
4, when the body experiences an external force on the inner ear, such as acoustic pressure pulses a€” but there is no visual input to associate with that pressure a€” a sensory conflict occurs. What makes infrasound different is that it is at the lowest end of the acoustical frequency spectrum even below the deep bass rumble of distant thunder or all but the largest pipe organ tones.

That conflict is felt as motion sickness, and it is felt to the same degree as seasickness.

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