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Body Piercing Flesh Plugs, Flesh Tunnels and Flesh Tubes for your stretched ear piercings, huge range of Acrylic and Steel ear stretching jewellery in all sizes from 3mm upto 50mm.
We have a web store, www achadirect com , with items that we carry in stock, with a low $300 order so it is easy to make a sample order to see quality. Our jewelry is made from the following Materials: 9kt, 9ct, 14kt, 14ct, 18kt, 18ct, 14 carat white gold, 316 and 316L steel body jewelry, bioplast, niobium, glass, pyrex, carbon fiber, silver, gold, acrylic UV, wood, rubber, leather, sterling silver, surgical steel, titanium, tungsten, swarovski crystals, cz, cubic zirconium, and cubic zirconia.

Our jewelry includes: bracelets, navel bananas, navel piercing bananas, logo belly rings, navel rings, body piercing jewellery, tongue barbells, anodize plugs, spirals, stretchers, nose studs, nose bones, nose rings, earrings, ear studs, PTFE retainers, black line titanium body jewelry, non piercing fake imitation magnetic Body Jewelry, anodized body piercing, silver body jewelry, rainbow gay pride jewelry, labrets, eyebrow barbells, toe rings, silver hoops, bananas, circular barbells, cbr, bcrs, captive bead rings, horseshoes, nose screws, nose pins, Industrial barbells, eyebrow bananas, bangles, necklaces, pendants, chains, cuff links, displays, costume jewelry, segment rings, stick on jewellery, dermal anchors, nipple shields, surface piercing, flared plugs, flesh tunnels, hollow plugs and solid plugs. We also keep in stock Plugs, tapers, pinchers and expanders from Bali, Indonesia that are also made from Organic horn, Wood, Coconut, and Bone.
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Our goal is to provide you with stainless steel, sterling silver, titanium, costume jewelry, tungsten, and gold wholesale body jewelry in the quantities you need at prices you can afford.

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