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Bose today introduced the in-ear evolution of the awesome noise-cancelling headphones that have been hanging on the heads of weary travellers for years. The headphones will be available later this year for around $US300 in an Android-friendly model, as well as a version with an iOS three-button remote. The headphones are designed as on-the-go counterparts to the over-ear and on-ear QuietComfort models you’re probably familiar with. In a demo at press event at Grand Central in New York today, Bose simulated some absurdly loud environments, like aeroplanes and a busy train station. The QC 20s are small like buds but because of the addition electronics inside, they’re bigger than what most of us are used to carrying around in our pockets. Bose’s older QuiteComfort headphones sound great, but what we love about them above all else is how comfortable they are.
We’ll be interested to know if the headphones will still be that comfortable after hours and hours of use.
Besides introducing new headphones, Bose also intruded its own version of the now-unibiquitous, Bluetooth speaker block. First of all, this little 680g, 5cm x 5cm x 18cm brick of aluminium is absolutely gorgeous.
Many of us have experienced prolonged stretches of driving where we're seemingly oblivious to our surroundings, and we're left dumbfounded that we didn't get into a serious accident. Painting a wall is boring because it takes so much time and requires so much preparation to not get paint everywhere. Noise-cancelling headphones have been the top choice of frequent fliers for years, but their transition to the world of earbuds has been rather slow. Flat or not, they are still full-sized headphones so they take up room in your overhead-sized, hyper-optimized, travel-worn luggage.
At $300 the QC20s are not cheap, but before you just switch over to humming to yourself while wearing earplugs, you should know that the QuietComforts have some very good qualities to them.
BuyDig offers the Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones for $249 $245 shipped.
With QC20i headphones, you can enjoy music on the go as never before, with an unprecedented combination of superb sound, advanced noise reduction and in-ear convenience.

The built-in lithium-ion battery (located inside the module) charges in just 2 hours with the included USB cable, and delivers up to 16 hours playing time per charge.
And at their core, the headphones are all about helping you block out the cacophany around you so you can just hear the darn music.
That’s data is beamed down to the little control stick that sits in line, right before the jack that plugs into your phone, computer, etc.
A new study suggests that a specific brain function protects us from these bouts of absent-minded driving -- but that it completely breaks down while texting. But what if it could be exciting and done quickly and the point was to get paint everywhere? To some extent this is not surprising — an active noise cancellation system requires its own power as well as bulk that does not lend itself to streamlined earbud designs.
The QC3s are those slim, silver headphones that everyone who flights more than four times a month seems to own.
If you want something smaller that still features active noise-cancellation which is effective enough to be useful, then Bose has a pair of QC20s with your name on them.
The fit was not ideal for me, but after deciding on the right silicone ear pieces and getting used to the way they sit, I found the QC20’s oversized earbuds to be comfortable and well-suited to extended use. To make sure you don't miss any more offers like this one, join our mailing list and follow us on Twitter. Additionally, you can also pick up the iOS specific QuietComfort 20i version for $269 shipped as well.
If you’re looking for something less expensive, we still have solid deals available on Klipsch in-ears and Sennheiser options.
The first in-ear noise cancelling headphones from Bose give you more control over how you listen than ever before, in all kinds of environments. StayHear+ tips physically block some noise while our Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology electronically reduces most of what’s left.
Proprietary StayHear+ tips create a soft, secure fit with no need to force them into your ears. As well as two passive radiators behind them to help flesh out the bass performance of the litte monster.

Like what if you blew up some paint buckets to see if the explosion of colours could paint a room? The controls and battery hang in a slim rectangular box about two inches off the plug which seems like a strange addition to any set of earbuds, but it’s mandatory if you want active noise cancellation.
I’m not much of an audiophile, but I was happy with the low and mid-tones of the QC20s and accepted the tradeoff they made in the higher tones. Both sets still fetch the same regular $300 price at most retailers including Amazon and today’s deal is the current lowest price available. Our TriPort technology and Active EQ combine to give your music a depth and balance that keep your daily soundtrack fresh and alive.
The mushroom shape spreads contact evenly across the ear for maximum comfort, and forms a gentle seal that contributes to the headphones’ full-spectrum noise reduction.
And, even if the battery dies your music still plays with performance equal to that of our regular in-ear headphones. Bose took this challenge head-on with the QC20 in-ear headphones and showed us, once again, why the company is the industry leader in active noise cancellation.
They are lightweight and easy to pack because the earcups turn 90 degrees so they can be stored flat. This small unit is a non-factor when you are flying or on the train but rather annoying if you want to take your QC20s to the gym.
While we have seen special deals in the past for less, they tend to involve rebates, special checkout requirements and even the purchase of gift cards before hand. Or, choose Aware mode and let some of it in—all while keeping your headphones on and your music alive with Bose sound.
In this case I resorted to putting it flat against my phone and holding the two together with a rubber band.
Instead of removing your headphones, just press a button, and you’re back in touch with the sounds around you—while your music keeps playing and you still experience some noise reduction.

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