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A blocked Eustachian tube treatment causes people to feel pain especially if the air blocked causes a lot of force on the middle ear which makes the eardrum’s free movements limited. Aside from the chewing gum as a blocked Eustachian tube treatment, salt and water can also help in relieving this case.
The tube is the connection of the ear to the pharynx of the throat and only opens when one chews, yawns, or swallows. If one yawns and feel a little bit of air in their ears or go for a swim and while reaching the deepest level experience blockage of air in their ears that sometimes hurt is a sign of a blocked Eustachian tube. It regulates the right amount of air pressure that comes with sound vibrations in the middle ear to produce and hear sounds clearer.
It’s the same sensation as one feels when water is stuck in their ear that they jump for to release it.

People suffering from this are encouraged to chew a gum to release the blocked air in the ear which is the most popular blocked Eustachian tube treatment. Garlic or Eucalyptus oil are also used to relieve a blocked Eustachian tube because like water and salt, it also has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. The reason for a blocked Eustachian tube is when the tube itself malfunctions that causes force on the exterior of the eardrum.
These blocked Eustachian tube treatment element are often than not available in the household.

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