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Cheung Chau, or “Long Island”, with a population of around 30,000, is famous not only for its seafood and snacks, and as a small resort for local tourists, but most of all for its buns. Fish farming was a business that a few decades ago was completely alien in Greece, where eating fish was strictly related to the local fisherman, the weather conditions and the phase of the moon. Everyone who has ever been to Istanbul knows their famed Turkish fast food restaurants, especially in Taksim Square.
One evening while returning home I came upon a scene that I had never imagined in a country as rich as France – people rummaging through supermarket trash bins looking for food. When I started working on a story about food waste, I was shocked by the estimates provided by the U.N. I have always wondered how athletes, who must exert incredible amounts of energy in whichever sports discipline they compete in, handle the issue of nutrition.

More Reuters News Sunday, 15 May 2016, 12:46 am Can Buffett-backed bid unlock Yahoo growth where others failed? What then could please me more than an orchestra that plays music with instruments made out of vegetables? That’s the decision you have to make when you order a tea through the hatch in the side of a burger van, snack van, mobile kitchen, roadside cafe or tea stop – all different names for food vendors scattered around the main roads that wind across Britain.
As the London Olympics approached us, we Reuters photographers began to make our photo stories.
As with all those with passions, he could speak about his studies for hours and make you suddenly feel part of it. You can’t really go wrong: most of the places have friendly staff and tasty morsels of food.

I planned to interview some of the Turkish athletes preparing to compete in the Games and take pictures of what they ate.
Sometimes you think a project that sounds good will also be easy to carry out and this is very exciting but when you actually become involved that euphoria is replaced by anxiety.

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