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The Ontario government will soon implement a province-wide ban on the use of hand-held mobile devices while driving. The long and the short of it is that we'll soon face fines if we're caught taking our eyes off the road and moving our attention to twiddling our thumbs on iPhones, Blackberries, and cell phones while cruising along the Gardiner or Bloor (or any other roadway) in our cars. And despite what my friends, colleagues and the internet at large have been suggesting, the law didn't go into effect on September 1st.
Fake circulating missive or not, getting the public to jump the gun on this one probably isn't such a bad thing, given that we're nowhere near ready to follow the law. I spoke to Bob Nichols of the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, who summed things up rather succinctly.
Enforcement is expected to be carried out by both provincial and city police, once the law goes into effect. Language in Bill 118 vaguely suggests that the implementation will occur "in the fall," once fine-tuning is complete and when proclamation by the Lieutenant Governor occurs. Do you think that the reason your sister's boyfriend got into an accident was because he was getting road head?? And what about daydreaming, or tuning the radio, or just being plain distracted by a bright ad screen? Eventually a local wildlife preserve asked to have her for an exhibit, and she caught a virus and died within 2 weeks of arriving there.
I sort of grew up on a mini farm in the middle of the city… we live in the one weird neighborhood with lots of grass and large lots!
Eventually my dad couldn’t stand the thought of an educated man having a goat live in the house, and she kept pooping on the patio, so she was kicked out into the field with the rest of the farm animals. They loved to cuddle though.  My mom and I took old warm thick socks and we put them all in them and they loved it!
Amendments to the Highway Traffic Act (aka Bill 118) were approved way back in April of this year. An email, bearing the City of Toronto's official logo, appears to have caused some confusion about the law's implementation date and gotten drivers abuzz a little early.

If my observations while driving on both inner-city streets and the major highways in and around Toronto are any indication, it would appear that a lot of drivers haven't adjusted their habits yet. Using speakerphone over my car's stereo system will allow me to carry out hands-free phone calls. I applaud your determination in becoming a safer driver, but your example hardly speaks for everyone who talks or texts while driving.
Once again, eliminating texting is a good thing, but I'm not so sure about talking on the phone hands-free versus holding it with one hand - in either case, you're distracted, and that one hand may or may not help. So little 7-year-old me convinced my parents to rescue her, and I brought her home when she was only one day old! In 1989 I was driving east on Kingston Rd., in the curb lane, with my 3 year old daughter in the co-pilot seat, restrained in a child seat. I mean they have laptops in their cars and god knows how many times I see them driving and typing.
When it was time for me to put him back in his cage I would simply make a click noise and call his name.
I was in a heated conversation with a client and oblivious to what was happening around me. He would rush over to me and climb up my leg, on my lap, up my shirt and snuggle in between my neck and shoulder. The best way to get her attention was to rustle a bag of chips, and she would come RUNNING. I was shaken to the bone, at the thought my daughter would have taken the brunt force of the fire truck bumper and would most likely have perished in the incident.

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