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Kahdijiha says she most certainly did not drag her on the floor or rip off her clothes, like she claims, and Toni eventually comes to the conclusion that Gnatlee lives in fantasy land. Also at the club, Meagan and her brother, McCain, run into Anandi McKenzie and Diana Davidson. When Meagan asks the girls how Boss Bitch Boot Camp is going, Diana admits she got kicked out.

Trying to encourage Harvin, Sharlinda says, "A lot of people can relate to these pieces. When Meagan mumbles something about a trailer, Marcia begs her daughter to take a step back for now.
Sabrina immediately frets about evil penises and body snatchers and peak-a-boo boobs and sex and rubbers.

For reasons I'll never understand, Sharlina immediately puts Harvin on the spot, asking her to talk about a painting.

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