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Shopping while wearing expensive clothing gets you better service at high end New York City boutiques.
Not that living in NYC offers you many valet parking opportunities, but if you take your car to one of the Atlantic Beach clubs, or you go to the Hamptons, a nice car gets you a better reception. The Caddy SRX is idiot proof – the integrated GPS includes a back up camera, so you won’t hit the car behind you.
The cop explained that a neighbor had called in a ‘suspicious’ car parked in front my brother’s house. “Oh, no,” my brother explained. The SRX model we drove is priced at $51,125, and as a Cadillac should be, it was loaded with luxuries, including roadside assistance, a heated steering wheel and heated leather seats. Roomy seats in the front are comfortable for the driver and passengerOn our trip the SRX got 24 mph on the highway, decent for an SUV and quite accurate. The cabin in the SRX is quite roomy; my husband is only 5’7” so headroom wasn’t an issue, and the kids had over 3 feet of rear leg room.

Montreal's IleSoniq festival is going to kick major ass this year and this playlist proves it!
Just make sure your kids don’t find this out of they may turn the car on when it’s in your driveway. The starter works from up to 200 feet away.
And if you drift over your lane, a buzzing under your butt reminds you to pay attention and drive properly. But the car also has a built in DVD player back there, with headphones, so kids are more apt to watch that.
This time, the neighbors came by to check out the hot car at my brother’s house. What a difference $50,000 makes.
The tank holds 21 gallons, which gave us a nice range of 500 miles on a tank of gas;  if you are heading upstate from NYC, you can fill up on bargain gas in New Jersey and probably not need to gas up on the Thruway.
But after sitting outside all night, the car started right up, and that amazing rear view camera meant we could back up without waiting for the rear defrost to kick in (which nevertheless cleared the window quickly).

The cargo space was ample, and there was a button that closed the liftgate slowly, so you didn’t have to strain and you needn’t worry about little kids getting their fingers squished. Judy lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn, with her husband and three daughters, and between road trips to visit colleges, travel sports and seeing East Coast sights, she spends a lot of time on the road for a city girl. My family and I drove up in our trash heap car (seriously, the car seat was the most expensive part of it) and the police came to the door. But if you have a third (and the console can’t be pulled down) , the kids still won’t be on top of each other. As the mother of two newly minted drivers, this is a priceless option and one that I would want retrofitted to any car they drive.

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