Subscribe to RSS notes that a large chunk of ear wax that blocks the canal is considered impacted ear wax or an ear wax plug. reports that fresh ear wax is yellow and soft, whereas old ear wax is black or brown and might look like blood. Medical professionals aren't sure why some people have problems with too much ear wax, which hardens and creates problems for the individual. Chronic skin diseases such as dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema can cause dry and itchy ears. Excessive cleaning of the ears can also strip the ear of its natural wax and cause dry ears.
When it is dry and hardens inside the ear--because it hasn't fallen out of the ear as it should have--an impaction occurs. It is good to remove any buildup, but you need to be careful to not hurt the inside of your ears. It is very common and healthy to have a certain amount in your ear canal.   However, excessive ear wax can occlude the ear canal and cause hearing loss.

If you have coarse, wiry hairs in your ear or use a hearing aid, this may exacerbate the development of ear wax. This must be done carefully, because you can inadvertently shove the hardened wax further into your canal exacerbating the existing problem. According to, this many occur because there is an overproduction of wax or there are problems regarding the natural removal and clearance of the wax. The purpose of ear wax is to protect the canal of your ear and your ear drum; however, if the wax is excessive, which is a problem for some people, and has been in the ear too long, it will calcify. Some people may have narrow ear canals or the angle of the canal may be such that is slows down the natural passage of wax (into the outside world and onto our pillows). My new doctor finally told me if you are going to use Q-tips, do it often and dip them in peroxide before using. A solution is put into your ear, softening the wax and allowing it to drain or to be removed. The wax hardens (calcifies) and becomes rocklike if it has been in the ear for a long time.

It sure has saved me many doctor visits since she shared this tip with me, hope it helps someone else. It may take a few days or more but this is what the clinic nurse recommends.Ad ReplyWas this helpful?Helpful?
Both my husband and I have normal eustacion tubes, but find that when we use an inversion table, our eustacion tubes open up fully and we can hear better (we have allergies). Do not use cotton swabs as they push the wax up against the drum which can damage it or interfere with your hearing.

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