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NZ post computers had forgotten that 40 year old cars don't need continuous licensing, so I spent 25 minutes on the phone to LTSA, who did remote "maintenance" on the counter I was standing at, so, cheap old car license is mine! That saved enough money for a coffee, but the engine has a bit of a hesitation which is trying to spill coffee in my lap.
Then, today on the drive to work, there's a "Toing!" noise, and a high pitched "zzzz" that alters with engine revs. Yeah, 0.4mm minimum recommended, and 2mm high on the 10 degree chamfer, which is a large change in port timing.
I happened to have a appropriate sized piston in my stash, which measured up OK (not barrel shaped), was crack tested and fitted. It's been a blast tootling around in it, and true to 2T form, my hands have been grimy 4 times in the first day having it back.

The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments? I thought the Dai would work OK, cause the regulater has crept up to ~14.7V, but it wasn't happening in the 10 minutes we tried. There's been moving, Nats in Coromandel, but mostly just dailying the shit out of this baby. Radiator has gone missing in the meantime, so I'll throw my spare at it, and chase up later. This isn't a major, and may even help protect the engine from over-revving damage, but time will tell.
I now have a better workshop, and may pull it down to eyeball the exhaust port shape, per above.

Because I can turn over the engine by hand, I put a rod on the piston, and checked that the timing mark on the crank pulley was correct.
This was easy, a nice satisfying snap from the HT as they do (don't run your HT open, kids, the V's can get too high.

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