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The last two times we've been to Costco [Sorry, Jim, I'm weak!], the kid has fixated on a horrible, awful, giant piece of crap toy horse that looks like the Budweiser Clydesdales.
RETURNS: I cannot accept a return on this item due to the fragile nature of taxidermy pieces. I'd go to costco if we had one; instead I'm forced to find the silver lining in what we have. My mother-in-law actually bought us a 2 foot, pimped-out, stuffed clydesdale at the "Build a bear" workshop in Bush Stadium.

I'da bought it, 'cept that he didn't straighten out the critter's legs so's I could nail a coupla curved 2x4's to its hooves.
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It doesn't rock, it doesn't look like it does anything except loom menacingly over whatever unfortunate child falls under its sway.
Because somehow, even though it's only half as tall, this taxidermy unicorn made out of a baby lamb is easily 4x as frightening: ***I AM MOVING AND WOULD NOT LIKE TO MOVE THIS SWEET BABY!

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This begs the question: how many of you have a box of gifts that you dig out when the parents visit?

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