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I remember being touched by her eulogy and cried alongside her, but I kept my eyes too on her earrings hehe.
The CC-logo in Kris Aquino’s earring was encrusted with swarovskis, and the drop pearl is just a faux pearl. So I asked my jeweller to make one for me instead, with a smaller CC-logo encrusted with real diamonds and with real freshwater pearls as the drops. My CC-logo earrings is removable from the pearl drops so it can be worn two-ways: as stud CC-logo earrings or one with pearl drops!

I recently purchased these pink-champagne south sea pearls from my sis-in-law: They’re from Hongkong. At American Pearl, we understand that purchasing an expensive strand of pearls for a loved one using the internet can require courage. Crown of Saint Wenceslas is the part of Bohemian crown jewels (also called Czech treasure) made in 1347. After 2 days of watching Boys Before Flowers on mysoju , I have finally finished the series.

Remade in its current form for King James V of Scotland in 1540, the crown is part of the Honours of Scotland, the oldest set of Crown Jewels in the United Kingdom.

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