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According to the American Dental Association, 10.8 million Americans suffer from temporomandibular syndrome (TMJ).
Thanks to cutting edge advances in neuromuscular dentistry,  head and neck discomfort can now be effectively treated without medication or surgery. For anyone who missed our last foray into the subject of trigger point massage therapy, Myofascial Trigger Points are hyper sensitive and hyper contracted muscle areas, which, when irritated, result in a predictable pattern of pain referral. Conditions suited to trigger point techniques include chronic or acute head, back and other body aches and pains and repetitive motion traumas including cramps, stiffness or immobility.
Remember that Apollo Professional Massage Chair we announced we were giving away to one lucky new Twitter follower slash ReTweeter? The muscle took time to get in that condition, it’ll take more than one massage session to fix it. Trigger points are tight areas within muscle tissues commonly known as muscle knots that cause pain in other parts of our bodies. Trigger Point Therapy is a massage modality (related to acupressure and to a lesser extent shiatsu)  that’s designed to alleviate pain via the application of cycles of isolated pressure and release during which Manual pressure is applied to the points to relieve myofascial pain. The most obvious and instantaneous benefit of trigger point therapy is pain relief, but there are many more benefits that can be achieved over time with trigger point therapy, including increased range of motion, increased flexibility, improved circulation and reduced stiffness. The physical and emotional demands of our jobs and exercise routines can result in problems that make our bodies less able to properly function properly.
Plus, when the parasympathetic nervous system responds to massage your breathing rate slows and becomes deep and regular. For those who came in late, migraine headaches hit you when the blood vessels around your temples and base of your skull become enlarged; causing a chemical release that inflames those vessels, muscles and nerves in the head and neck. There are several massage modalities that have been shown to be effective when it come to reducing migraine symptoms. Here’s What the (one and only) Massage Nerd thinks of our best selling Portable Massage Table.
Our 30 Inch Champion Portable Massage Table is truly the only lightweight massage bed your average everyday certified massage therapist will ever need. The Indian Head Massage modality addresses the back, neck, the scalp and the face using a variety of reflexology like pressures and techniques; oils may be used to nourish the hair and by extension, calm the nervous system. But whether or not it can do all of that, Indian Head Massages can help relieve the stress and tension that fill our days and nights. We all have to suffer through it at one time or another, so we all know that stress is a common cause of neck pain. By far the best position for a good neck massage is for the massagee to be seated on a comfortable, upright chair. Finally, finish the massage by gently placing your hands on your massagee’s shoulders.
Some people suffer from migraines so intense that they need to sequester themselves in dark rooms for days at a time or actually vomit from the pain.
A TMJ issue can prevent this joint from operating normally, resulting in jaw pain and face pain. Depending on the severity of the case, neck pain and face pain can be intensely painful and debilitating. Sykes and Cheyanne (TMJ Therapist) once a week for the last 10 weeks for a program to help with my TMJ.
Shane Sykes provides dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry services for Washoe County and the Reno - Sparks NV metro area including Spanish Springs, Verdi-Mogul, and Incline Village-Crystal Bay, Nevada. Shane W Sykes and his team provide headache relief and TMJ treatment plus many other dental treatments for Washoe County and the Reno - Sparks NV metropolitan area including Carson City, Spanish Springs, Sun Valley, North Valleys, Incline Village-Crystal Bay, Cold Springs, Verdi-Mogul, Lemmon Valley-Golden Valley and Fernley, Nevada, the Lake Tahoe area and Truckee, CA. The condition is caused by an improperly aligned jaw, which contributes to a myriad of problems such as: (1) headaches or migraines (2) vertigo (3) stiff neck, (4) tingling of the finger tips, etc. Sid Solomon DDS is a World Class Los Angeles cosmetic dentist with unique expertise in neuromuscular dentistry. The main advantage of knowing the aforementioned patterns is that pain in a particular area that stems from a myofascial trigger point, can help determine which muscles to work to help alleviate that pain or discomfort. Trigger point massage can also be applied to fibromyalgia, a chronic disorder of pain and tenderness in your joints and muscles. During trigger point massage sessions, clients actively participate in the therapy through deep breathing as well as by their therapists identify the precise locations and varying intensities of their muscular discomfort. But those benefits take time and several treatments because multiple treatments help teach muscles to move without causing pain.
Fortunately, a variety of therapeutic massage techniques can relieve pain and help alleviate conditions as well as help prevent their return.
A particularly beneficial way of relieving respiratory issues through massage therapy is Tapotement (a rhythmic, percussive, popular Swedish Massage Technique).
Besides the resulting pain, the associated  nausea and sensitivity to light can last for hours or even days. There’s craniosacral therapy, a gentle, hands-on approach based upon the fact that the head, brain, and spinal cord are surrounded by craniosacral fluid that pulses from one end to the other. Which makes sense when you think about it, because the technique originated over a thousand years ago in India—stemming from a traditional family grooming practice during which Indian mothers massaged their daughters’ hair with different oils to encourage long, lustrous locks. The therapy strives to restore balance and harmony by working on the three higher chakras and is definitely one of the most relaxing massage forms you’ll ever experience. You see, the technique employs controlled caresses such as the spider walk, root pull, and comb, and focuses mainly on the face and scalp.

When we’re under stress, we tend to raise our shoulders toward our ears and hunch forward, and that puts undue strain on the back of our necks and the shoulders.). Now, if you’re lucky enough to have one of our chair massage chairs handy then you can just have your massagee take a seat, but if you don’t you can position your massagee in an average everyday straight back chair.
Ok so get ready to go by placing your hands, palms down, on either side of your massagee’s spine right in the middle of their back.  Firmly push you hands up to the shoulder tops, then slide one hand out on each side to the top of the arm, draw them back in across the top of the shoulders and up either side of the neck. Begin with your massagee bending forward onto the pillow, so that their shoulder blades protrude. With your fingers forward, place your hands, palms down, over each shoulder muscle by the sides of their neck. Hold the base of your massagee’s neck with your thumb to the right and fingers to the left and support their head as they bend forward. Now, place the palm of your left hand on your massagee’s forehead (using it to support their head as they bend forward) then place the thumb of your right hand on one side of the last vertebrae at the top of their neck, and the index finger on the other side.
Then, in the same position, place your palms on their shoulders, on either side of their neck, with your fingers pointing forwards.
Now, while they’re sitting upright, bend their head to the right (supporting with your right hand, palm above the ear) and position your left hand below the other ear, your thumb under the jaw and your fingers stretched round the nape of the neck. Jaw pain can vary intensity between cases, but it is usually not pleasant, to say the least. Neuromuscular dentistry seeks to cure TMJ by retraining the muscles, tissues, and nerves to properly align the jaw at rest.
He provides evaluation and treatment for TMJ symptoms such as headaches, facial pain and body aches.
3), aromatic and calming teas, rainforest simulating sound and warm paraffin, we will register your optimal balanced occlusion (bite) in order to relieve your pain without invasive surgery. This is pretty important because the pain can be as distant form the originating muscle as the length of an arm.
Though trigger point massage can help with this condition, because of the intense pain associated with fibromyalgia, it’s usually not an effective treatment on its own.
So give Diane a big round of congratulatory applause (seriously, our Apollo Portable Massage Chair is Awesome), be sure to follow Diane on Twitter (she is also awesome … we just checked) and don’t forget to Stay Tuned for Our Next Big Giveaway! The benefits of trigger point therapy involve releasing constricted areas in the muscles thereby alleviating pain.
Massage rejuvenates, lifts spirits, and in addition to relieving muscle pain and tightness, massage can help ease constricted breathing. When performed on the back, along with vibration and shaking, Tapotement can help loosen mucus accumulated in the lungs and increase airway clearance for better lung function, Williams says.
Sadly, according to information on the American Massage Therapy Association site, as many as 37 million Americans suffer from frequent migraines. So the 30 Inch Champion Massage Table truly represents the kind of reliability, safety and ergonomically advanced comfort our customers have learned to expect. For steps A thru D, your massagee should be sitting facing the back of the chair and prop a cushion between them and the chair back. Repeat the stroke from start to finish for several minutes, using it to feel around for any tense spots indicating sore or knotted muscles as you go. With your hands flat and straight, place the sides of your palms and little fingers across the top of their shoulder muscles rub across the muscle from arm to neck – vigorously. Press in with the tips of thumb and finger and hold for a count of ten, then release and make small circles over the same area. Push down firmly while your massagee slowly drops their head back as far as is comfortable.
Slide your hand down the length of the neck and across the shoulder top to the arm, pressing down to stretch the muscles. As well as resulting in referred pain, myofascial trigger points may cause decreased range of movement or stiffness and can trigger autonomic symptoms ranging from sweating and lacrimation to dizziness or tinnitus proprioceptive disturbances. Rather, depending on the person, a combination of trigger point massage and complementary myofascial therapy usually works best.
The effects of respiratory issues ranging from allergies and sinus problems to bronchitis and asthma can be treated using massage therapy. Not only will massage therapy help relax internal muscles, it can also help individuals become aware of their daily stress levels.
If you’re one of them, you know how maddening and painful they can be; however, you may not have known that they can be treated by massage. Using gentle pressure, they then release them, allowing the fluid to regain its normal pulse from the head to the sacral region, thereby reducing migraines in both strength and frequency. If possible, they should wear a towel and you should use a lot of oil so your hands glide over the tender neck muscles in question. Then roll your hand across their neck from left to right and back again, pushing and pulling their muscles against their vertebrae. Hold that for a ten count, then get them to raise their head upright and release the downward pressure of your hands.
Every one there is super friendly, accurate with the information they share, clean and efficient.
Trigger Point Massage Therapy involves applying ischaemtic pressure (pushing blood and fluids out of inflamed areas) for 10-15 seconds. Getting regular trigger point massages can be truly helpful when it comes to managing chronic injury pain.

And you don’t just have to take our word for it, the effect massage can have on respiratory function has been demonstrated through research.
Once your body recognizes what true relaxation feels like, the mind can then easily recreate it before stress becomes chronic and damaging. That’s right, alternative-complementary therapies such as touch massage are effective ways to manage stress and relieve tension (the two of the main causes of migraine onset). Then there’s reflexology, which as we’ve discussed previously, relies on a color point of points on the hands, feet, and even the ears that correlate to different areas of the body. As the massage works on the shoulders and neck, the relief of tension is felt almost instantaneously. Then using your thumbs only, make small circles to knead under the shoulder blades and up the spine to the top of the neck. Finish by placing your palms over the top of their arm and sweeping your hands up the side of their neck, one after the other. Then, from the same position, gently pull their shoulders back and hold the stretch for a count of ten. This can be applied whenever you run across unexpectedly sensitive muscle areas as well as those you’re looking for. Here’s how it works … many of the muscles in the front and back of our upper bodies are accessory respiratory muscles, so when those muscles are chronically tight and shortened, they can restrict normal breathing and disrupt breathing patterns.
In fact, research studies conducted at The Touch Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine found that the application of therapeutic massage techniques decreased the occurrence of headaches, sleep disturbances and distress symptoms while increasing serotonin levels in adults who suffered from migraines. In addition to relieving pain and soreness, a gentle neck massage will also relieve stress. She checks up on me during the week and has truly healing hands and a caring heart and smile. Massage techniques to lengthen and relax these muscles improve breathing capacity and function. They apply pressure to these points to release toxins that’ve built up due to stress or disease. It helps deal with scalp and hair problems, aids localized blood and lymphatic circulation, relieves eye strain, boosts the immune system, relieves muscle tension, and helps restore joint movement. And since therapeutic massage can improve your posture along with your breathing it can lead to an opening of the chest area, as well as the structural alignment and rib cage expansion needed for optimal lung function. Which is particularly helpful to anyone who’s wheelchair bound or otherwise only partially mobile.
A neck massage will also stimulate the flow of blood to the neck’s muscles, feeding them nutrition and strength. Sykes has worked on my teeth and they have the latest equipment and I am very confident in their work. And finally there’s trigger point therapy, trigger points are painful knots that develop in the muscle due to a build-up of lactic acid or other bodily toxins. I drive from Carson to Reno to have therapy once a week and I would do it if it were even twice the distance. The therapy works by applying deep-firm pressure to each trigger point to release the aforementioned toxins, decreasing and eventually eliminating the associated knot, which in turn relieves the resulting pain. I am very pleased and happy with this dental office and TMJ Therapy and would recommend them to anyone.
Even though trigger-point therapy is more invasive than the first two massage therapies we mentioned and can be uncomfortable and even painful, it can offer substantial relief to migraine sufferers. Though I have only had the first two treatments, I can say that Cheyanne is a highly skilled and very motivated therapist. This office utilizes cutting edge equipment to identify problem areas of the jaw and teeth-and the results are within minutes of the testing. The office staff is extremely customer oriented and the atmosphere of the entire offce and exam rooms are clean, professional and friendly!
Shane Sykes and the staff at The Reno Dentist, working in the field of dentistry, are phenomenal in their work. After completion of the sessions I was ready to begin wearing Invisilines to straighten my teeth.
I am two months short of completing my session, but am already smiling because my teeth are straight and beautiful.
The incredibly friendly staff will greet you as you enter his office and help you with regular dentist checkups. The appointments were outstanding as Cheyanne took extra measures to assure that I received the best care possible. She was very attentive to the specific needs expressed, and I felt as though she really listened to what I had to say! I’d like to call out one individual in particular: Cheyanne Frank is the TMJ specialist and she does a fantastic job!

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