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And I managed to keep my first real meal in a few days down, so that’s a big bonus too!
I totally felt like I was part of something bigger, and I could really sense the excitement and hype of the people around me, which in turn made me more excited and hyped up. I am a musician and ethnomusicologist and recently finished my Master's degree at Uppsala University.

It was, in this situation, a positive experience (aside from a couple of stories I will tell shortly) but I could really sense the huge impact the crowd dynamic can have on influencing people for negative or positive. He described it as a whole bunch of people being so close together that they move around like a wave and there’s pushing and shoving, and sometimes you get kicked or punched (unintentionally) or elbowed or whatever, and of course there are the people who body surf. At one point everyone was jumping at the same time, and we were so close it was like we were all attached or something.

At first I thought the skirt was gone altogether, then I realized it wasn’t and pulled it up again.

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