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The cyclical cicadas go into their mating frenzy the last two weeks of May and the first week of June – depending on the weather.
So-called annual cicadas are present each year because they have over-lapping life cycles of two to five years. Cicada is Latin for “buzzer," a sound that comes not from the male's throat but from vibrating membranes on its abdomen. The nymphs molt through several growth states, burrowing several feet down to survive the winter.

Young boy generally think the brown paper shells the adult cicadas leave behind are cool, neat and wonderful for scaring little girls who think they are creepy. As adults the cicadas spend all their time courting and except for indulging in occasional sips of sap from tender young plant shoots, do little eating. Virginia DaumWest Milton Rural Living ExaminerVirginia has spent 28 years as a free-lance writer on international affairs and has written newsletters and background papers for private contractors in the business world.
Mother's Day experience gifts that mom will cherishChoosing the best gift for Mother’s Day can sometimes be a challenge.

Cinco de Mayo must-have cocktails and fun factsCinco de Mayo is right around the corner and in anticipation of this festive holiday, we thought it would be interesting to share a few fun facts.

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