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Open the containers and separate the colored and white materials into halves, keeping separated.
If your ear plugs do not fit properly or are uncomfortable, we will remake them FREE of charge within 60 days of your initial fitting. Will not muffle sound like foam ear plugs, you will hear music and speech with high fidelity at a safer level.
Some people find foam plugs or ear muffs uncomfortable – custom noise plugs are moulded to each individual ear so comfort is guaranteed. Protecting your hearing, as well as the need for communication, is essential in any loud environment. We are confident that our range of hearing protectors are the flattest attenuating in the world. Developed for a variety of purposes requiring an attenuated reduction, this product is being successfully used by many of the top bands, pilots, drivers and even NASAs astronauts. Advanced Communication Solutions is the only authorised UK manufacturer and distributor of custom made ER products.

The Completely-In-Canal is the smallest custom made hearing instrument available and cosmetically the most desirable of the Walker's hearing aids.
The Micro Canal is slightly larger than the Completely In-The-Canal yet is positioned discretely in the ear canal. The Canal is a slightly larger and more powerful (output and gain) than the Micro Canal hearing aid. The Half Shell features a Dynamic Directional Microphone, an adjustable volume control and a Push Button Program Selector. The WOF312 receiver-in-the-ear style hearing aid is designed specifically for high-frequency hearing loss. Contact Walker's Hearing Center at a Cabela's near you to schedule your FREE hearing test and to learn about a full range of hearing enhancement and hearing protection products.
By incorporating a unique flat attenuating filter the ER-15 custom moulded plug is tuned to provide a predefined reduction in ambient noise by 15dB(A), whilst maintaining the clarity.
The ACS range has been independently tested to conform to the European Noise Regulations EN352-2, your guarantee of safety.

Our products have been independently tested to ISO4869 and DIN 17460 and carry the EC 121 marking. It is designed for users needing amplification and clarity across the full range of frequencies. With its increased size, it includes a push button program selector and is somewhat easier to place in and remove from the ear canal. We have a huge responsibility in safeguarding your hearing, this task is one that we take very seriously.
The provision of certificated hearing protection complying with European Standards is important and has obvious implications given the obligation to provide a product that will indeed protect your hearing.

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