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Some parents, teachers and doctors think that a child who is deaf in one ear will not have any problems at home or at school because the other ear is normal. Washington, May 10 : Hearing loss in a single ear of a child hurts his ability to comprehend and use language, says a new study.
Hearing loss in one ear can stem from congenital abnormalities in the ear, head trauma or infections such as meningitis.
Children with hearing loss in one ear may go undetected because they can appear to have normal hearing. Even children with recognised one-side hearing loss often aren't fitted with hearing aids and often don't receive accommodations for disability. Lieu says the study demonstrated the strongest effect from hearing loss in one ear in children who are living below the poverty level or with mothers who have little education. The children were tested with the Oral and Written Language Scales (OWLS), a widely used tool to assess language comprehension and expression. An average OWLS score is 100, and hearing loss in one ear caused about a 10-point drop in scores. The oral composite score - which reflects both children's ability to understand what is said to them and their ability to respond or express themselves - averaged 90 in children with hearing loss in one ear, said a WUSM-SL release.
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You have a good reason to be concerned about deafness in your cat, according to International Cat Care, white cats with one blue eye have about 30-40% chance to have some amount of deafness.
So, in other words, if you clap your hands and your cat looks around for the source of the sound instead of directly at you, then your cat may be unilaterally deaf.

The Animal Health Trust's page gives several examples and pictures of dogs and cats undergoing this test. Hmm, if the other ear really is deaf, testing the lack of directional hearing seems promising.
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Is making characters who go off the rails unlucky a good technique for keeping the plot moving? Right after Menzel’s tattoo appeared on Reddit, one user uploaded his own — his ink was a little different though, displaying a muted microphone to ensure nobody tried talking into his deaf ear. Rachel Oakley is an Aussie writer based in NYC with an obsession for the creepy, cool and quirky side of life.
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Imgurer raingoose has recently uploaded a photo of her minimalist tattoo of a muted speaker to show that she’s deaf in her left ear. Soon, she got a response from another user, pawsed, who got inked with a muted microphone for the same reason. Now our study has shown that on average, children with hearing loss in one ear have poorer oral language scores than children with hearing in both ears," Lieu says. Their difficulty in hearing may be mistaken simply for lack of attention or selective hearing, says Lieu, also assistant professor of otolaryngology.

Each was matched with a sibling with normal hearing so that the researchers could minimise the possible effects of environmental and genetic factors on the children's language skills. Imgurer raingoose has just lately uploaded a photograph of her minimalist tattoo of a muted speaker to point out that she’s deaf in her left ear.“Since I’m deaf on one ear I assumed this was a pleasant to inform the world not speaking to me from the left,” wrote raingoose. If the cat knows that you're the source of the sound (you're the only human in the room) then the cat will look at you anyway, and you won't know if that's because she can tell where the sound is coming from or if she's smart!
This test is also performed on infants, since it does not require the subject's cooperation. Quickly, she received a response from one other consumer, pawsed, who received inked with a muted microphone for a similar cause.
I have tested her for hearing and it seems quite obvious that she can hear, but does she hear only with one ear or two? Increase the snapping loudness and see which ear moves to detect the sound or if he turns his head, to find the source of noise. You should try this several times, because sometimes cats just ignore the sound when they are lazy.

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