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Let's see if I can do a bigger intro now, and then post for now -- I may lay on the couch as oldest son is quieter now. We lived with his parents for a while after we got married until we got on our feet right after college.
9 months later (what a nice long maternity leave!) I got my wish and we both got jobs within a week of each other.
3 years later Rog was doing great going to college and I also had my home business built by this time, where I was now (by 2000) working almost full time at home doing transcription for different companies. Sometime soon I will finish the history I had started before, about meeting my wonderful hubby, etc.! Been searching around for different additional friends' diaries to read -- it's fun to see many different people and their interests.
Hi COLLEEN - think you're the only reader I have right now -- hope you are feeling good today -- note from 2006 - this is a different Colleen than my daughterA?a‚¬A¦. We just have been so broke for so long that it feels good to be able to pay the bills and having more sounds so good.
A little less than a month ago after good old AF was over dh and I had time to get friendly (which is rare!) and here I had all these weird symptoms all month and thought perhaps I was pregnant! Set up live journal for dh too as he was mentioning he wanted to do some blogging about our autistic son, etc. I have such mixed emotions about all this -- I feel proud of myself that I pulled myself together with all our home confusion and WAS able to make a full time job work out for 5 months. Financially it's scary; however, we've been BOTH jobless before, even at the same time, and made it through. So I'm sad I didn't make this company happy, and that they're angry and disappointed in me for missing so much time, but also am relieved in a way to be out of the rat race.
RJ had speech eval today and they want us to closely watch him and work with him a LOT as he may be a little behind. I have accomplished many household tasks -- organized many cabinets and cupboards, rearranged living room, etc.
Well, so I'm the busy SAHM and still hope to go back to college, but don't know when that will be.
I am trying to lose weight again -- I have been overweight since a child but on and off diets. So, we talked about the book I wrote in high school, that I want to complete but was flabbergasted that I haven't worked on since 1996!
He was proud of me that I'm on a daily cleaning schedule now, and that I'm not adding 100 new things to my list. I've seen this survey several times and wanted to do it since I have NO surveys in my diary, though it's probably written for people much younger than me!
Between 5 & 7 (baby is early riser AND I have to be up early to get oldest ready for bus. I already play guitar -- perhaps I would like to learn the piano with TWO hands instead of one!!
Aldi's bags, a stroller, extra clothes, probably some food, books we were taking to Good Will and kept some in the trunk because they were written in workbooks and we have to throw them out (they don't take those). In '99 I joined a diet system called "Weigh Down" and I followed through my pregnancy and nursing as well. Chris had to have surgery on his ear on Wednesday because he hit it so hard he got cauliflower ear. 17 The righteous cry, and the LORD heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles.
18 The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.

19 Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all. I pray that Chris will be delivered from this ear problem with no damage or further danger.
Afraid to go out alone at night, she awakens her husband and asks him to go get the aspirin from the car. They talk about the people but they do not trust them: and trusting the people is the indispensible precondition for revolutionary change. The Japanese railroad and rapid transit systems are notorious for being jam-packed at rush hours. Deaf employees often request TTY devices or sign language interpreters as reasonable accommodations in the work place. We were so persuasive that our two waitresses fell for the charade and began talking freely. The deaf boy was so nervous and frozen-tongued from the long hours of no play with constant drills and practice, that with great effort, he tried to get it over with. The Ponto osseointegrated hearing implant is a titanium fixture and abutment that is surgically implanted in the bone behind the external ear (post-auricular area) and is used with an external bone conduction sound processor. The Ponto has many similarities with the first osseointegrated implant, the BAHA hearing implant.
Osseointegrated Hearing: For patients with conductive or mixed conductive-sensorineural hearing loss, the Ponto transfers sound to the ear on the same side through direct bone conduction. We receive sound in two ways, by air conduction via the ear canal, eardrum, and ossicles, and by bone conduction where the sound is transmitted directly through the jaw and skull bone bypassing the outer ear and the middle ear. Single Sided Deafness: The Ponto fixture abutment is implanted on the side of the deaf ear. In this spirit, Oticon engineers have developed instrumentation to permit surgeons to perform a punch technique with minimal tissue trauma and shorter operative times for patients. Oticon engineers have enhanced their OptiGrip implant geometry and latest implant surface technology to create the Ponto BHX implant. Ponto countersink with stop to improve safety during implantation, countersinking is limited to 0.3mm. The Ponto sound processor is available in a power model for patients who may require increased gain.
At this time, The Ear Center is unable to order an upgraded Ponto sound processor for Ponto users. Some parents, teachers and doctors think that a child who is deaf in one ear will not have any problems at home or at school because the other ear is normal. Single sided deafness, is a serious issue within the United States of America with over 9 million people suffering from significant or complete hearing loss in one ear while there is still normal hearing in the other ear.
However, research and studies conducted by the Head and Neck Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, have designed a bone conduction hearing device for sufferers of single sided deafness which allows sound to be transmitted by way of the suffers teeth. As yet the bone conduction hearing device has not yet received approval for use in single sided deafness by the U.S.
George needs to "borrow" Jerry's deaf girlfriend who has the ability of reading lips, in order to know what his ex is saying about him from the opposite side of a party. The Ponto is the newest of the osseointegrated implants to be introduced to treat mixed and conductive hearing loss and single sided deafness.
The BAHA has been successfully used to treat over 35,000 patients worldwide and consists of a 3-4 mm.
The Ponto BHX uses laser-ablated titanium surfacing to create micro and nano-sized structures that facilitate bone bonding with the implant. Single sided deafness creates an unenviable condition for the sufferer as they are unable to detect the direction of sound and in many cases unable to hear conversations or noises if they are directed solely towards the affected ear.

By diverting sound through the teeth, sound is able to be diverted directly to the cochleae, without the need to incorporate the role of the damaged middle and outer ear.
Food and Drug Administration, but approval for the use of this medical innovation which advances the treatment of those suffering from single sided deafness is expected by mid 2010. But in the middle of the night, the woman has a headache, so she goes into the bathroom for aspirin. He finds the bottle of the aspirin in the car's glove compartment, and gets ready to go back to the room when he realizes something: he can't remember which room was his! Within a minute, all the motel's windows lighten up--except one window, and of course, he makes for the room with that window. Sound is heard by the Ponto and is transmitted through the skull to the normally hearing ear. It was necessary to debulk scalp skin and use a skin graft to prevent the attached sound processor from contacting the skin.
MIPS permits tissue preservation, is less invasive, eliminates the need for suturing, and helps to keep scarring to a minimum.
The technique is called Biohelix and enables a site specific modification between the threads of the OptiGrip geometry.
Minimally invasive surgery for osseointegrated auditory implants: a comparison of linear versus punch techniques.
I'm just not sure I'm now going to send back him to day care at all right now - may just work with him at home intensely for awhile. I had been doing the running around--setting the plates out, arranging the flowers that I had bought her, and generally making things look pretty. As implants became longer, debulking and skin grafts were replaced with vertical incisions and minimal debulking.
A three level surface topography is created that matches the natural bone structure at the macro, micro, and nano-scale. The first part of the device is a digital microphone unit which sits discretely behind the sufferer’s ear while the second part of the device is a wireless audio receiving unit which is fitted as a dental retainer so that the sound can be directed to the cochleae using vibrating technology. Ultimately, better implant-bone bonding should result in improved sound transmission and sound quality. As this technology is relatively new its focus has been on assisting people suffering from single sided deafness, however, researchers are confident that the device will also be able to assist people suffering from other auditory conditions such as tinnitus and conductive hearing loss.
Feeling too lazy to get up to get it, I tried yelling and moving my mouth so she could better read my lips. Mom." But I don't really see how we can both work full time right now - I really think once he finds the job he really wants to go for, and gets it, that I will (at least eventually) have to quit working, or the balance will fail.
There was just ONE word she couldn't hear or read from my lips, so I wrote it down for her. Grandmother asked me, "Well, why didn't you say so in the first place?" We laughed so hard we couldn't eat for quite some time. Then, as me continued our meal, we would occasionally catch each other's eye and start to giggle. Grandmother was 90 years old at that time, and she taught me a lesson, in seeing the funny side of situations, that I will NEVER forget.

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