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The oropharynx is bounded by the posterior and lateral walls continuous with the corresponding walls of the naso­pharynx, and anteriorly it communicates with the oral cav­ity through the fauces.
The other parts of the lymphoid ring and the lymphade­noid structures of the digestive tract will compensate for the defective function of pathological tonsils as well as for their complete removal. The residue of the earlier used solution must be washed out of the mouth before any further examination is made. The oral cavity and oropharynx may be examined by means of artificial and natural lighting.
The laryngeal mirror is placed in the mouth, mirror side down, at an angle of 45° to the horizontal, with its back surface pushing the uvula and soft palate backwards and upwards, care being taken not to touch the posterior pharyngeal wall to avoid the gagging reflex. The larynx can also be examined by means of direct la­ryngoscopy, in which inspection is made without a mirror.

Pure Tone Audiometry 5 up, 10 down technique used with single frequency tones to find hearing threshold. Threshold Tone Decay Test Olsen & Noffsinger (1974) Detects abnormal auditory adaptation due to nerve fatigue caused by a retro-cochlear lesion.
The fauces are bounded by the soft palate above, by the base of the tongue below and by the anterior and posterior palatine arches, otherwise called faucial pillars, on the sides.
The patient should not put out his tongue or hold his breath, as this will interfere with the examination. All the laryngeal cartilages are bound together by numerous ligaments as well as by their   joints. Test (Jerger, 1959) Continuous tone given 20 dB above hearing threshold & sustained for 2 min.

Absence of reflex seen in facial nerve lesion proximal to stapedius nv & in severe deafness 5. Volume of hearing aid fixed at PB max score In functional deafness: SRT > + 10 dB of pure tone average. Test started 20 dB above threshold in normal ear & repeated with 10 dB raises till loudness is matched in both ears.
Initial difference is maintained, decreased & increased in conductive, cochlear & retro- cochlear lesions respectively.

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