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While I was doing the Deep Sinus Cleanse, I was also working on my mouth, throat, ears and eyes to clear everything at once. Here are some signs that I had that I think were toxin die off symptoms or possibly just part of getting rid of all the sludge and candida that had built up in my sinuses.
If you decide to do this Do It At Your Own Risk It worked for me, but who knows how safe it is. Below Is A ReCap Of Everything I did to stop the ringing in my ears, heal my cracked burning tongue and clear my sinuses. Sometimes the plugs are hollow tubes called flesh tunnels which allows views through the enlarged ear holes (shown below). While stretched piercings have gotten popular among the younger set in the Western world in recent years,this type of body modification is not new. The following pictures show the stretched lips and earlobes of  Mursi women from Ethiopia. When the Spanish conquistadors discovered the Incas in South America, they saw well- to-do men wearing enormous earrings through stretched ear lobes.
This article is from our friends over at The Medicine Journal– the TodayIFoundOut of medical related sites. Anyone retiring from the coal-mines of life, might have noticed an ever growing defacement. To understand why our facial protrusions begin to make us look like Pinocchio caught red-handed, let’s break apart what cartilage actually is, how it grows, and why it sags over time.
Cartilage is connective tissue coming in three forms: Hyaline, Elastic, and Fibrocartilage. Hyaline cartilage (also called articular) contains large protein molecules, like collagen, making up its matrix. Elastic cartilage has large amounts of the same matrix material as hyaline, but its main component is elastic fibers that give it more flexibility.
The question then becomes: does this interstitial and appositional growth, cause the mass of our cartilage, and its size, to increase as we age?
The misconception that cartilage continues to grow in size throughout our lifetime is mainly attributed to the growth in sharks.

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This adorable animal has big ears (1), a big round nose (5), a large trunk (2) and a small curly tail (3).
The method I am doing will also help to unclog the inner ear or eustachian tube which I thought might be the problem with the ringing in my ears. It is an extension of plugs - where pierced ear lobes are deliberately stretched with round discs made from a wide variety of materials. The three main components of all cartilage types are: cells called chondrocytes, elastin fibers, and an intercellular matrix material.
Unlike hyaline cartilage’s uniform structure, the fibers in this type of cartilage are more open and have a spongy-like architecture. Interstitial growth happens when cartilage is formed by chondrocytes within the cartilage, forming additional matrix. Sharks skeletal structure is mostly cartilage and they do continue growing throughout their lives.
One is that your ears, nose, and unfortunately everything about your skin, will increasingly sag.
It's up to you to create your own style and draw a very cool pig in only a couple of minutes! The photo below shows an elderly woman from a Thai Hill Tribe whose name translates as the "Big Ear Tribe". So I do appreciate this post and the links you shared and also hope to see other comments here! The difference between the three types lies in the kinds of protein fiber and their amounts embedded within the matrix.
It’s the most common throughout the body, found in your joints and on the edge of your ribs. It’s also found in your epiglottis (the flap that keeps your food and drink from going down your lungs), and in the tubes between your ears and mouth, called Eustachian tubes.
This elongation-to-age ratio is so exacting, it can be used by forensic scientists to determine the approximate age of a person.

This animal is very well-known for his pink skin and his strange habit of taking a bath in the mud! There is a common misconception this growth is due to cartilage continuing to grow as you age. As such, you can find them between your vertebrae, and in the joints of your knee, shoulders, and mandible. This is formed from chondrocytes in a dense layer of connective tissue surrounding the cartilage, called the perichondrium. Studies have shown the numbers of cells present in our cartilage is very similar up to the age of 40. Our skin giving structural support to cartilage also contains collagen and elastin fibers that droop over time. Similar to the time honored tradition of standing next to someone who looks worse then you when trying to hit on a prospective mate.
Should you find yourself single in retirement, just stand next to someone older and droopier than you. After that, we actually have a significantly lower number of cells present here- specifically, 1.8 times lower. The real reason our noses and ears keep growing is the result of that red-headed-stepchild of fundamental forces, gravity. I took a potent pro-biotic, broke a capsule in warm water and rinsed sinuses and Eustachian tubes with it JUST ONCE and I have been breathing clearly ever since. It took just about 20 mins to work, I used to have the tv blaring at a volume setting of 21, now I listen at volume of 15 - same as my kid. At first I had a sinus head ache for a week while the probiotics did their job and I dealt with candida die off.

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