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There are also several piercings that have been named not after certain artists or celebrities, but by them, creating interesting monikers that have meaning to those who first coined them.  Some of these include the nasallang, the daith, and the septril. Location: Anywhere feasible along the nose bridge, though normally at the upper portion of the bridge of the nose, directly between the eyes or slightly above.
Stay tuned for more informational overviews of popular piercings that you might just take the plunge for in 2012.  Bye for now! There are few basic facial piercings that everyone should know before doing holiday shopping for pierced family members.  They are the eyebrow piercing, anti-eyebrow piercing, labret, monroe, medusa, dimples, nostril (commonly referred to as just nose piercing), septum, and bridge.
A fairly recent exploding trend, and still in its development, corset piercings are fast becoming the most controversial piercing around.  They started as a set of two rows of surface piercings in the back that would be wound through with ribbon to mimic corset lacing, but now you can find them on arms and legs, hands and feet, sides, bellies, necks, chests, and even fingers and cheeks.  Extreme? Located along the inner ridge of the ear cartilage, alongside the tragus, has become a pretty popular place – especially for multiple piercings.
Stone was a film star in the late eighties and early nineties, and the first person ever publicly associated with piercing of the throat (just above the center of the clavicle).  Although the piercing that she leant her name to has evolved over the years with the advent of microdermal implants and surface bar jewelry, her name remains attached to any and all forms of it. This downward area of cartilage that moves toward the center of the ear, parallel to the outer rim of the ear canal, accents the perfect anatomy of your ear, in terms of places to sport some studs or hoops. The actual procedure for rook piercings are pretty simple, compared to other forms of piercing. In fact, when properly done, it should not take longer than a few minutes from start to finish.Rook Piercing CareSince it is a cartilage piercing, you may find that caring for your new look may be a bit different than a simple ear or lip piercing. This will reduce or eliminate the risk of infection and reduce the swelling associated with rook piercings.
For women, you will notice that any type of perfume, hairspray and certain makeup may irritate the area some. It is also a good idea to change your pillowcase on a daily basis after cleansing your rook piercing.
This will keep dirt and bacteria from building up around the piercing.While you are able to maintain a rook piercing with different gauges, depending on the jewelry you want to use, you should always let the professional decide what is best for your specific type of rook. But i see nothing wrong with piercing or tattooing i love them so much in body modification .
It is recommended to handle the first rook separately to ensure you do not react to the process or jewelry before getting any others.
You will not have much room to turn the jewelry or may be uncomfortable using liquid solutions to cleanse your rook, since you will undoubtedly get some liquid in your ear.
Give yourself about 3-6 months to get used to it and you will probably just forget that you even have a rook piercing in.Here are some amazing ways that both men and women choose to sport their rook piercings to express their own personality traits, individuality and of course, self-expression.

I am considering the double tragus on on the right ear instead of single and making my left Helix piercings triple. The ones some do at the jaws and upper lips disgust me a bit, I can't think of putting my hand into my mouth to clip on rings. Erm, well I love love love piercings and if I could do it more I would but you know our cultures na. Lol, I took needles burnt the ends and pierced my face all over, buying tiny earrings to insert in the holes the needle made. Depends on how you deal with pain.The microdermals looked lovely especially when I cut off my hair but the nape isn't the best place if you've got long hair.
It ended up swelling up and healing and swelling up until the bar inside the skin decided to uproot slowly and poke out of my skin.
I sometimes get crazy and do things without thinking) because it just looked weird with both ends showing. The reason my skin rejected the nape piercings was because of the hair getting caught in it.My body rejected my navel piercings too because I changed the bar before it healed and too quickly(three weeks after the piercings). I noticed the skin around the piercing getting smaller and smaller and looked very thin until there was only a tiny piece of skin supporting the bar.
I ended removing the bar(cried) because the skin became dry and the bar would have fallen off any minute.
Now, I have a small scar where the navel piercing was and two dark dots on the back of my next.The industrial piercing went wrong too. I believe it was because I pierced it and went to africa the following day and the heat and sand etc just caused it to swell up and I ended up getting lumps(aha, I was quite upset, thought they were keloid scars) around the holes. I left the bar in the ear thinking it was an infection and didn't want the infection to close in if I take out the bar.After about 4 or 5 months with the lumps I decided to go to the piercer to change the long industrial bar to two small ones for each hole and lo behold, the lumps went down. I got my septum pierced because I dont have the right nose to pull of the top of nose piercings. Now, I have a small scar where the navel piercing was and two dark dots on the back of my next.-------------------------- Oh my Gosh, I was telling you in one of my posts above for you to be careful with micro derm (as metal stays underneath the skin when it heals) without knowing that you already had it---that nape one gave you some hassles. You are very right about the cartilage taking long to heal, I got tired of waiting for my inner helix(which is on a more cartilaginous position) to heal and simply took out the ring and allowed it close up leaving only one of my helix but these designs I saw online has inspired me into redesigning my helix. Oh my Gosh, I just like that exquisite look a well designed piercings give.I only admire the top of nose piercings when it is adorned with a barely-there tiny ring but I am not getting that. Nah it fr*aks me out to think of having somebody put a hole in there so am a do without it.

Don't go getting too much girl I beg you, sometimes minimal is more beautiful and please check and be sure that your body is not allergic to the type of metal the rings that your piercer is using for you is made of.
These things are delicate just like tattoo too in which when an unsanitized water is used to mix the ink can cause skin diseases. A lady in my work place got this sweet tattoo of her mother's name on her arm some weeks ago, few days after that I saw her with rashes and just when it was occuring to me that it may be connected to her tattoo----I decided to hint it to her for her to connect the two and seek medical help and I wasn't seeing her at work for close to a week. She came to work today, told me she has been sick and absent from work and when I asked her whether she had the rash after the tattoo she denied it but I am very sure she hadn't that rash before that tattoo cause I was always admiring and tripping over her tattoo then. She doesn't want to be told that her tattoo brought along the rash and I ain't forcing my opinion on her. Complications can arise from these things, in the past after seeing a lady with a huge tumour in her ear from a bad piercing I never believed that I will ever pierce after that cause that turned me off piercing completely then.Hey I understand that feeling to look exquisite but we don't want you getting scars in the process okay Babes, be careful when you go for the next one and do allow that navel to heal completely before redoing it. I will like to see a picture of you and your piercings when you are done with them, I will show you mine when I am done designing them. That's why I change the septum ring to a small invisible one inside my nose so only I know about it.Aha, I planned on piercing certain places but I thought no, no.
No, I'm not allergic, I was just foolish with the navel ring and changed it when I saw a nice one in a clothes shop I went to. Luckily they started with the right ear and I can have that there as I already have the helix on the left ear.
It was more painful this morning, I controlled the pain with pain relievers and fortunately slept, woke up some hours ago surprised to see myself lying down on that right ear side and feeling no pain.
Happy that the pain is gone now.I can take the left tragus now but I will make do with one tragus, will get 3 or 2 set of forward helix on the right lobe later. I don't like the needle.I can't wait for it to heal up and I can start using hoops earring on it like in the diagram below.
It looks lovely with a small hoop.I am going to get 3 pairs of sweet forward helix as shown in the last picture below. I am thinking of some musical instruments pictures like a guitar and a saxophone blowing out treble clef,crotchet some quaver and semi quaver notes that I can put together to create an atmosphere of angelic musical making on my upper back with the song being sang scribbled there too but I want them tiny(not too bold and heavy) like I like my earrings. Tiny is feminine to me.An atmosphere of music making as depicted by the pictures below but it won't be all over the place like in the pictures, something minimal and nice but making music.

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