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The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments?
The most common causes of vertigo are middle ear infection,┬áMeniere’s disease, and positional vertigo. As the vertigo is triggered by neck movement, chiropractors find that restoring normal neck function by way of manipulation, massage and stretching, can significantly alleviate the dizziness symptoms. Clinically many patients with vertigo respond very well to chiropractic care and are grateful for being able to live without this debilitating condition. In May 2003 this woman started to feel severe pain around her right shoulder blade and pain into her right arm. X rays and CT scans revealed disc degeneration at C45, C56 and C67 with bony narrowing of the foramina where the nerves exit the spine at C56.
Chiropractic manipulation was initially performed on the joints below the level of the degeneration, at C67 and some soft tissue massage was also utilised.
This woman has continued her chiropractic care for the purpose of good spinal health and to prevent any recurrence of symptoms that may arise due to the degeneration in the lower neck. It is important to note that having degeneration or arthritis anywhere in your spine is not necessarily a contra indication to having chiropractic treatment. In summary arthritis should give you a sense of stiffness or a lack of ability to move fully in one or more directions but it shouldn’t be painful.
Chiropractors identify inflamed spinal joints and endeavor to restore normal function to that segment with the intention of minimising the arthritic process.
Many patients of this clinic have come in and told me that they have arthritis and that nothing can be done. Many people with pain can simply put up with it and get on with their day however the feeling of dizziness can stop you dead in your tracks. She was sitting in the rear of a stationary car with her head turned slightly to the right.
She reported a tingling sensation in the 4th and 5th fingers and numbness in her right index finger.

On examination this woman could not turn her neck to the right hand side and felt pain in her arm whenever she tried. There were large bone spurs narrowing the spinal canal, the lateral recesses and the exit foramina on both sides. Her treatments were initially 2-3 days apart and after 6 visits this patient reported feeling pain free for the first time in 7 months.
As of her most recent visit in May 2010 she continues to do well without any of the symptoms that she had sustained from the car accident.
If there is pain associated with spinal arthritis then the painful joints can be treated with manipulation and the patient returned to a pain free state.
Chiropractic care and a lifetime of healthy living can prevent the arthritic process in the spine. The car was rear ended and she had to have the next three weeks off work as she was experiencing neck pain and severe headaches. She was unable to turn her head fully to the right and was starting to get some lower back pain and pain in her right hip. The examination revealed that she had inflammation of the facet joints of C23, C67, T23 and the rib on the right at the same level, and L5S1.
She had recently been told that an operation was needed to remove one of the spurs in her neck.
After 11 visits she found that the pins and needles and numbness also went away and that she did not feel the need to have an operation to remove the spur in her neck. If inflammation remains in a spinal joint over many years it erodes the joint surfaces and results in spinal arthritis (or spinal degeneration).
Most people with severe arthritis will not complain of pain at the same level as their arthritis. Her headaches were felt around her forehead on both sides and she had some light-headedness. She had limited movement of her neck in all directions together with neck pain and pain in her right arm on most movements.

Her treatments at this stage were only once per month and incorporated treatment for her upper neck pain and headaches which also subsided quickly. It is often a level above or below the level of the arthritis responsible for the symptoms as the degenerated level is simply not moving at all and not capable of being strained. In fact most of the pain that they suffer from is usually a few vertebral segments away from the degenerated level. It is often the result of head or neck injury that may not necessarily be traumatic in nature.
This is unlike the levels above and below that are now working harder than they should be to compensate for the arthritis.
The reason for this is that the degenerated level is not moving very much and it passes the strain onto neighboring joints. It is a common experience for a patient to present with lower back pain without any evidence of arthritis in their lower back but have severe arthritis in the neck without any neck pain. If there is only mild to moderate arthritis chiropractic manipulation can restore some movement to the degenerated level thus relieving pain and restoring movement.
In severe arthritis the pain is usually coming from a different level of the spine and it is this level that is treated and not the arthritis. The take home message is that you can usually get people out of pain regardless of the amount of arthritis. However the greater the amount of degeneration the greater the time it takes to alleviate the pain.

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