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Questa settimana sono andato a visitare la grande mela, nonostante il forte impatto emotivo che New York riesce a trasmetterti, la mia astinenza da moto cominciava a farsi sentire. Il giovedi sera ci siamo visti presso il TON-UP CAFe 127 Saint Marks Pl, un localino molto carino gestito da italiani, dove abbiamo fatto la prova caschi e preso appuntamento per il sabato. Berbaccolina che bella vacanzuccia vi siete fatti e che gran culo avete avuto nel trovare due personaggi d'oro zecchino!!! Since the end of Prohibition, the Ear Inn had no name, but in 1977 the new resident-owners decided to avoid any lengthy reviews by the Landmark Commission over a new sign by simply painting out part of the existing neon BAR sign.
By that deft move, the bar was renamed the Ear Inn which was handy because the musical Ear Magazine was published upstairs too! One of the last Federal houses left in New York City, the Ear Inn retains many original features including wooden beams, dormers, double splayed keystone lintels and a gambrel roof.
Note for visitors: Nunhead is situated in south London, is famous for its cemetery,  and it was once possible to get a train direct from Brixton en route to Crystal Palace.

Spooked by the scene in The Shining where Jack shoots the breeze with the spectral bartender? Is "party monster" Michael Alig's murder victim Angel Melendez behind the strange goings-on at 660 Sixth Avenue?
Staffers deny it, but it’s said that a cloudlike apparition likes to reach out and touch lodgers at the Hotel des Artistes. The ghost of the fabled speakeasy’s proprietress, Henrietta Chumley, has been said to quaff Manhattans at her favorite seat by the fireplace and tip bottles off the shelves. Prima di partire mentre la mia dolce meta si documentava su dove fare shopping, io mi informavo su tutto quello che potesse riguardare il mondo a due ruote a manhattan. Greenwich and Washington) claims to be the oldest working bar in NYC and  is a designated Landmark of the City of New York. Could it be one of the previous habitués of the downstairs café, which included Marcel Duchamp, Isadora Duncan, and Fiorello Laguardia?

Owner Steve Schlopak, who keeps a log of supernatural occurrences, believes it might be his former employees, twelve firefighters killed on September 11, who return to play the jukebox even when it’s unplugged, selecting songs that jibe with conversations and holidays. Di sito in sito mi sono trovato a leggere di un appuntamento serale presso l'EAR INN, locale storico al 326 Spring St.
Some of the onetime church's parishioners, including John Jacob Astor, died in the Titanic, and a babbling brook in the basement is said to connect with a cemetery in Chelsea, which is rumored to have once abutted the club's concrete garden—marble plaques, possibly memorials, were found when the club was purchased.

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