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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. But if you are impatient, there is a slightly faster, though possibly more painful and longer-healing way to achieve a larger gauge.
Once you’ve achieved a desired gauge size, you can then begin to use various different materials instead of your first piercing for your plugs. You can purchase the tapers and plugs individually or you can buy a 9mm ear stretching kit which includes 1 taper and 1 pair of stainless steel 9mm tunnels.
Sign up for our mailing list to receive updates on new arrivals, special offers and other discount information. Sign up for our newsletter and get updated on new products, sales, and discounts on our site! Well, it all depends, of course, on many different things, such as weather the piercing was done right and also on the person’s pain tolerance. In this process, a conical piece of jewelry is used to slowly stretch the ear to the larger end of the jewelry piece. These might remind of those candy jawbreaker you used to suck on for days when you were younger.
The tapers are sold individually, the plugs are sold as pairs, and the stretching kit has 1 taper and 1 pair of plugs.

This kit includes SINGLE tapers and ONE PAIR of plugs in all the following sizes 14 gauge, 12 gauge, 10 gauge, 8 gauge, 6 gauge, 4 gauge, 2 gauge, 0 gauge. They are one of the most common types of piercings available, and people have been getting them for hundreds of years. The best material for this kind of jewelry is either titanium or surgical steel, because these are the kinds of metals that will work best to prevent infections or the buildup of bacteria. Make sure that you consult your body modification expert for suggestions on the right materials for you to wear and also for when exactly you can take out your original jewelry piece.
The tapers are made out of acrylic and come with 2 o-rings to hold them in place (the o-rings are used if want to insert the tapers slowly). The tapers and plugs are made out of 316L stainless steel and come with o-rings to hold them in place (the o-rings are used if want to insert the tapers slowly).
Unfortunately, this size is limited to the smaller gauges, but it will certainly speed up your process of stretching to a desired gauge. The reason we introduced a 9mm to the selection was because stretching from a 0G to 00G is a 2mm stretch. Rather than forcing larger gauge jewelry into a piercing, you can insert a taper and follow through with the jewelry for an easy and almost pain free experience.
Stretching is a relatively safe kind of body modification- it does not usually bring on any kind of consequences unless done incorrectly or improperly cared for.

Always increase your size only by the next increment and no more or you might risk permanent scarring.
A lot of people have trouble stretching to a 00g from a 0g and so we wanted to make the process a little easier and safer. This is all the jewelry you will need to stretch your piercing and you can buy it all in one purchase. This means that once your ear is stretched to this point, it is unlikely to shrink back to normal size again.
Such a blowout on the ear can be repaired with surgery and while it may not be a very difficult one, it is still best avoided. When you have been comfortable at a 0G for a while and you decide you want to stretch to a 00 gauge, going to a 9mm first might come handy. This is a deal that is too good to pass, get it while it lasts.Looking for lubricant for your tapers?

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