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In some instances, an individual may exhibit only one or two of these symptoms, while others may experience the entire list, or even none at all. Though most of the signs of an ear infection are possible indicators for other things, a few of them are more prominent and easier to spot. Ear drainage is not a very common symptom unless a person is suffering from an ear infection or other ear related issue. If you have questions about ear infection symptoms and treatment, contact your local doctor who will arrange for you to see an ear nose throat specialist.
Missouri Ear, Nose and Throat Center physicians specialize in diseases of the ear including chronic ear infections. Ear drum perforations and drainage --The ear drum may develop a hole (perforation) from trauma or infection. Cholesteatoma -- Sometimes, a perforation has been there for several months or years and skin within the ear canal will grow into the middle ear causing a cholesteatoma. Cogenital Cholesteatoma -- In rare instances, a cholesteatoma may form due to skin tissue that is trapped behind the tympanic membrane during fetal development. To decide what form of therapy is best, your doctor may examine your ear under an operating microscope in the office. Your doctor will order a hearing test to assess any hearing loss that may be present prior to therapy. If you suffer from an extensive cholesteatoma, the standard of care involves removing the cholesteatoma during the first operation and having a follow up or "second look" operation approximately four to six months after the initial removal.

Our physicians at Missouri Ear, Nose and Throat Center are here to help with your ear problems. There are many signs that can be confusing when trying to determine the source of one’s problems. For example pain, drainage from the ear and trouble hearing, are common indicators of an ear infection. There are not many other problems that can cause ear drainage, making it pretty easy to narrow down the list of possible ailments. If someone is having difficulty hearing, most often this means something is going on within his or her ears. A cholesteatoma is a cyst made up of skin and is a slow-growing mass that may erode adjacent structures including the middle ear bones and the bone surrounding the ear next to the brain. In this instance, there will be no history of tympanic membrane perforation or significant ear infections.
This will allow better visualization of the problem and give clues to the extent of your ear disease. If you have signs of dizziness or unsteadiness associated with the cholesteatoma then your doctor may order other tests.
This therapy may be directed at the area just behind the ear drum or to the mastoid bone behind the ear, or both.
At this time, your doctor will have the opportunity to reconstruct the ear if it is appropriate.

Because many of the listed symptoms can also be caused by other illnesses or infections, it is important to see a trained doctor if it looks like the individual may have some type of infection, as antibiotics will most likely be needed to cure it. The type of fluid draining from the ear can also say a lot about what is going on inside of the ear. It is not likely that hearing loss would be associated with the flu or an asthma attack, for instance.
However, some perforations are too large to close spontaneously and will become infected causing drainage from the ear. Many times, these cholesteatomas can be removed in a single operation requiring no further surgical therapy. More than any other ailment, these infections cause a wide variety of symptoms that can often be very difficult to pinpoint. If the ear is leaking blood, this is a much more serious situation that should be immediately evaluated, but most other kinds of ear drainage are definitely symptoms of some sort of ear infection. So, this particular sign should typically be viewed as an ear infection symptom and the person should go to a doctor as soon as possible. However, there are a few specific things to watch for that can verify the existence of an ear infection.

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