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Ear infection, also called ‘otitis” in medical terms, is the infection in any of the three parts of our ear, caused by viruses or bacteria and is very painful.
Home Remedies For Ear Infection Home remedies for ear infection consist of fruits, vegetables and herbs which are very effective and have no side effects. Garlic Garlic has both antimicrobial and pain relieving qualities which makes it highly effective for curing ear infection.
Take 2 raw garlic cloves and heat them in two tablespoons of sesame oil till they turn black. Another method of using garlic is to boil the cloves and mash them thoroughly after adding a pinch of salt. Apple Cider Vinegar For treating fungal infection in the ear, apple cider vinegar is an effective remedy.
Olive Oil Sometimes wax build up in the ear gets infected by bacterial or fugal growth and blocks the Eustachian tubes. Warm Compress Applying heat to the ear with the infection provides relief from pain and inflammation and also prevents infestation of microorganisms. The ear contains three parts: outer, middle and inner and each part has important role in the process of hearing.
The sound wave then travel towards the inner ear where other very important parts are located, the cochlea, Eustachian tube, and nerves. Every single part of the ear is prone to infections, but the most serious one appears in the inner ear. Take 2-3 fresh garlic cloves and boil them for 5 minutes, then crush them and add some salt.
You can also cook two garlic cloves in mustard or sesame oil until it becomes brownish in order to obtain garlic oil. After removing the cotton ball, lay down on the painful ear so that the solution could come out from the ear. Basil is another natural remedy, since it successfully prevents pain and reduces infections. Bake an onion for half an hour, cut it in two equal halves and put one of the half in a thick cotton cloth.
Another way to use onions for this cause is to chop the onion and place it in a microwave for 1-2 minutes. The extract obtained from mango leaves is very effective and quick remedy against ear infections. Tea tree Oil has mild antibacterial properties, so it can help immediately in cases of an earache. Mix 3 drops of Tea Tree Oil, two tablespoons of olive oil, one teaspoon of colloidal silver and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and warm up the mixture slightly. Earache is a common disorder, resulting either from infection in the outer ear canal or the middle ear. Causes and Symptoms of Earache Outer ear canal infection is common in summer during the swimming season, and can be localized as an itchy, foul-smelling, painful boil or furuncle.
Dhatura Leaves: The juice of the leaves of the dhatura plant boiled in sesame oil can also be used beneficially as a medicine for earache.
Cloves: A clove should be sauted in a teaspoon of sesame oil, and three to five drops of this warm oil should be put into the affected ear two or three times daily. During the all-fruit diet, a warm-water enema should be used daily to cleanse the system, Regular exercises, outdoor games, and fresh air are important The patient should sit in the sun and allow the sunlight to penetrate the inner part of his ear for fifteen minutes. She was prescribed some antibiotics, and we thought finally, we’ll see some improvement.

We are happy that Lynley is finally feeling better, and we really pray that Corbin gets his appetite back soon too. I've traded in my heels, pinstripes and PR job for fluffy slippers, yoga pants and a new gig as stay-at-home mommy to twins, plus one! Strain the oil and with the help of a dropper, put 3-4 drops of this solution in the infected ear two or three times a day. Now make a poultice by putting the mashed garlic in a cloth and apply the poultice by placing it against infected ear. Salt is used to generate heat in the ear for drawing out the fluid that has accumulated in the ear. Dip a cotton ball in this solution and plug in the infected ear, leaving it for 4-5 minutes. Onion is a safe and effective remedy for treating ear infection without the need for antibiotics.
When it is bearably cool strain juice out of it and put 2-3 drop of this juice in the ear that is infected. The natural antibodies present in breast milk are good for healing the infection within 48 hours.
If the ear infection is lasting longer than this, or if infection is accompanied by a high fever, you should make an appointment to see a doctor. Common symptoms are earache, diarrhea, headache, tugging at the ear, poor response to sounds, fluid drainage from the ear, vomiting, problems with sleeping, high fever etc. Then the sound waves reach the eardrum in the middle ear, where other important pats are located: hammer, anvil, stir up, semicircular, and middle canal. As soon as the sound wave reaches the nerves, the brain starts with the processing after which we can recognize and understand the sound.
Damaged and raptured ear drum, as well as other complications can be prevented by proper treatment.
Leave it to cool down in order not to apply it too hot, and apply four drops in the painful ear. Wipe the inside part of the ear, around the outer edge and behind the ear with previously soaked cotton ball in the mixture. Soak a clean cloth in warm water, squeeze the excess water out and put the cloth on the painful ear. About 25 ml each of the juice of dhatura leaves and sesame oil should be boiled in a tin basin on a gentle fire.When half the juice remains, about seven leaves of gigantic swallow wart (AK), smeared with sesame oil and sprinkled with powdered saIt should also be put in this oil.
After that, a well-balanced diet comprising wholegrain cereals, raw or highly-cooked vegetables, and fresh fruits may be taken. Our routines have been completely a mess this past week due to Lynley teething her molars, and after three days of fever, I took her in to see the doctor- ear infection. Not the most comfortable position for me, but it helped with their ear pain to be more upright and close to me.
We give in too, and mine have watched way too much tv this week, drank too much juice and eaten lots of junk. Asian countries,[18] United States (including Hawaii), Canada ,[19] and Scotland)[20] due to bacterial resistance. Some contributing factors that usually lead to ear infection are fluid or wax buildup in the middle ear, upper respiratory infections, common cold because of which mucus gets accumulated in the middle ear, genetics, fetal alcohol syndrome, environmental allergies, food allergies, internal injuries and nutritional deficiencies.
If not treated properly, ear infection can reoccur and serious damage can be caused to the ear drum like loss of hearing.
You can also apply raw garlic juice after crushing the garlic and squeezing juice out of it.

The antibiotic as well as analgesic property of garlic will help to relieve pain and infection soon. Alternatively, mix equal amount of basil oil and coconut oil and apply few drops 2-3 times a day to find relief from ear infection. Then take out the cotton ball and drain out all the liquid from your ear by lying down on the opposite side. The fume from the onion enters the ear canal and works as a natural cleanser to unblock it. Apply 2-3 drops from the juice in the painful ear; wait for a while and then place the head in a proper position so the juice could come out from the ear. It should be boiled till the leaves are burnt The oil should, thereafter, be filtered through a coarse  cloth and preserved safely in a bottle. White flour and sugar and their products, pickles, condiments, and flesh foods should be avoided, along with food which raise the amount of phlegm, such as milled rice, ‘sugar, and lentils. This method was effective maybe 50 percent of the time, but it was better than holding them and trying to feed them with their heads on our shoulders. Repeat this method 2-3 times a day until there is pain and swelling, to cure ear infection.
Moreover, breast milk is also efficient in cases of minor burns, eye infection and minor cuts. Simultaneously, two or three cloves of garlic should be chewed daily for a few days.This will give relief.
The juice of these leaves should be extracted and two or three drops put in the ear for relieving the pain. I just can’t help give her whatever she ask for when she is looking and feeling so pitiful. Along with ear aches and fevers (but I blame that on teething!) Mia stopped eating when she got an ear infection with her molars (is that even avoidable? But there are excellent home remedies which can bring immediate relief from pain and other symptoms associated with ear infection. The heat will help the liquid to come out from the ear and to alleviate the pain and the swelling.
If garlic oil is not available, a few peeled cloves of garlic can be put in a tablespoon of any sweet oil,except groundnut oil. We called, and since twins mostly do the same thing, we assumed he probably has an ear infection as well.
The oil should then be filtered and cooled, and a few drops should be put into the affected ear.
I figure that the sickness is few and far between so it’s okay for the schedule to go out the window when it does hit!
Take advantage of a few days of snuggles and movies because once the sickness ends, we are back to our busy, crazy lives!
Our backs hurt from carrying around two 20+ pounders for a week and constantly putting food in front of them, only to have it spit back out or thrown on the floor.

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