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The Brown Recluse spider is known as the most deadly spider in North America, and due to global warming its population is spreading to a town near you.
Ms Perez was waiting at Amarillo airport with her boyfriend Eric and his mother on September 20 and suddenly, while inside, Perez felt something stinging the back of her neck. She had to wear a helmet after she was discharged, and a protective headband for three weeks after that. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Our award-winning blog brings you insights on health, nutrition and wellness from experts you can trust. Chronic Ear InfectionsChronic ear infections often are caused by a perforated eardrum, mucous membrane disease in the middle ear, and cholesteatoma of the middle ear. Scout Out, a natural anti-biotic, is a Cherokee Formula and is known as the Antibiotic Tonic. Hear No Evil: Mullein, Scullcap, Goldenseal Root, Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh, Yarrow and Rosemary combined with essential oils of Garlic, Tea Tree and Peppermint.
Lympha Rub: Combined essential oils of Lemon, Cajeput, Lavender, Clove, Myrrh and Chamomile in a base of extra virgin Olive Oil.
Lympha Rub: A few drops under the ear, rubbed onto the neck, into swollen lymphatic glands, or for older children and adults, a few drops applied inside the back of the throat (one drop per fifty pound person, 3 drops maximum) will help with coughs. After having a chronic earache for over a year, that was caused by candida, I got it & the surrounding lymph nodes under control with this kit. My 7-year old son is prone to earaches and ear infections as well as swollen lymph nodes in his neck. I would suggest putting it on a cute tip and rubbing it inside the nose and then breathing the vapors, but don't push it up the nose! But nothing can demonstrate the danger of the notorious Loxosceles reclusa than the story of Texas Christian University student Nikki Perez, who was bitten by one such spider in September 2011 - with horrendous results.a€?I thought Ia€™d caught myself with my fingernail or something,a€™ recalls Ms Perez, 21, a fashion-merchandising student from Texas. On the drive towards the local clinic, Ms Pereza€™s neck had started to burn, an early warning sign of the terrible symptoms to follow.

I was lucky that there was a spider bite expert on duty, and he took one look at the spider and said, a€?Thata€™s an immature female Brown Recluse spidera€?,a€™ recalls Perez.Agonisingly, the doctor told Perez and her family there was nothing he could do, other than wait patiently to see if necrosis set in, which could take up to two weeks later.
These color photographs by Eiji Yanagisawa, MD are reproduced with permission from Hughes GB and Pensak ML: Clinical Otology 3rd Edition, Thieme Medical Publishers, New York, 2006 (in press).
These products work synergistically to fight off earaches and ear infection quickly, safely and naturally.
John?s Wort, Mullein,*Yellow Dock,*Red Clover, Honeysuckle Flowers, Myrrh, Yucca Root, Rosemary and Cloves in a base of Kosher vegetable glycerine and distilled purified water. He happily drinks the Scout Out, we massage the Lymph Rub on those lumps to help drain them, and put a drop of Hear No Evil in his ears at night.
With 6 children, I don't have time to rush to the dr for every whimper, instead, I grab these products and use them without fear of over medicating. With our first ear infection we suffered a couple days while trying every natural remedy the internet has to offer before breaking down and going the prescription route.
I yelled for Eric to help me, and when he saw the spider crawling over my face, he swatted it to the floor, and stamped on it.a€™But when Erica€™s mother, a nurse, inspected Ms Pereza€™s neck, she knew something was seriously wrong. At one stage her eye closed as the entire right side of her head swelled up to nearly twice ita€™s normal size.
Later, Perez needed a skin graft to repair the part of her ear that had rotted away with necrosis. When repairing a perforated eardrum and reconstructing hearing bones in one stage, usually cartilage and its attached tissue are removed from the tragus just in front of the canal.
Since then it has saved us so much pain (literally this stopped all earache pain within 1 hour) and trouble with ear infections, appointments, and prescriptions.
Amid the health scare, Ms Perez braved through the pain and only missed a week of school.Experts fear that spider bites like these could be on the rise, as the Brown Recluse spider continues its population spread. An artificial hearing bone implant is positioned in the middle ear, and the perforation is sealed by the cartilage tissues which also stabilize and protect the implant. I am so thankful that we can treat this at home quickly and effectively, any time of the day or night.

Kansas University researcher Erin Saupe predicts a possible migration of the Brown Recluse by 2020, predicting that the spiders could move further north toward portions of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and even New York. The main indications for surgical repair of holes in the eardrums are hearing loss and middle ear infections. Successful repair often helps hearing and reduces the chance of infection by keeping water and other matter out of the middle ear. Surgery can be performed through the ear canal under sedation if the hole is small and favorably located, or through an incision behind the ear asleep under general anesthesia if the hole is larger or associated with infection.
Success rate of 85-95% varies with the size and location of the perforation and associated infection behind the eardrum.
Temporary change of taste and numbness on the same side of the tongue occurs in 10-20% of patients if the taste nerve cannot be preserved.
Surgery for this condition also may require removal of middle ear infection from the mastoid bone behind the ear. A clean, dry, safe ear and hearing improvement can be achieved in 80-90% of cases depending on the extent of the middle ear infection. Risks are similar to eardrum repair, but change of taste occurs more often and weakness of facial muscles can occur in one percent of patients (usually temporary), especially if infection has exposed the facial nerve in the middle ear.
The skin is basically the same as skin anywhere else, except it can destroy bone, deafen hearing and cause infection as the cyst grows. The overall success rate for a clean, dry, safe ear is approximately 85% long-term, and the chance for significant hearing improvement is approximately 80%. Surgical risks are similar to those for chronic ear infections, but are slightly higher during cholesteatoma because of more extensive bone destruction caused by cholesteatoma.

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