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The following keloid scar pictures are from parts of the body where keloids are most common, although they can pop up most anywhere where a wound is trying to heal.
If you have keloids and you don’t want to risk having surgery to remove them, there are some keloid creams available from India and the Phillipines. If you have pictures of your own keloid scars you’d like to share with us or if you know of any other creams or remedies for keloids please use the contact form to let us know. This entry was posted in Keloid Cream, Keloid Information, Keloid Pictures and tagged keloid cream, keloid pictures, keloid scars, keloids on July 9, 2013 by admin. On this site we will give you lots of keloid information, and to start off we will dive into frequently asked questions about keloids. No, hypertrophic scars don’t grow beyond where the original wound started, whereas keloid scars do go beyond the original wound.
When scar tissue doesn’t show up properly when your wounds are healing and large patches of collagen appear instead. I hope this information about keloid scars has been helpful.  If you have pictures of your own keloids and you would like to share them with us please send them to us using the contact form and we will post them on the site. This entry was posted in Keloid Information, Keloid Pictures and tagged keloid, keloid pictures, keloid scars, keloids, treatment for keloids on July 9, 2013 by admin.
A keloid scar is a result of a rapid and excessive growth of granular tissue at the location of a skin injury that has healed, which consequently is gradually replaced by collagen. Keloids can develop in any location that an abrasion has occurred either this might be pimples, insect bites, burns, scratching, acne, vaccination spots, chickenpox scars, or other skin wound. In a keloid scar the tissue extends beyond the boundaries of the original wound, they do not usually retreat naturally or over time, they limit mobility if located close to a joint and there is a tendency for recurrence after surgical excision.

Treatment of keloid scars through medical avenues includes corticosteroid injections for the inflammation, pressure or silicone gel pads, application of radiation to reduce keloids, and surgery for removal.
However, the best option for treating keloid scars is the application of a prescription scar removal cream which is the preferred remedy by most keloid scar experts. Even if the scar is causing pain and there is more than mere discomfort issues involved, a physician may prescribe a medicinal compound with ingredients that address the specific issues of each scar. I was involved in a bad car crash last year and ended up on the hot pavement with third degree burns. A keloid, also known as a keloid scar, is the formation of a scar composed of type III (also known as early) or type I.
Here are some common things that can lead to a keloid scar: pimples or acne, scratching, bug bites, burns, or body piercings. They are distinctively different than hypertrophic scars as they are not raised scars, but firm, elastic lesions or shiny fibrous knots. They can also develop after surgery and they most commonly appear in the central chest, back, shoulders and ear lobes.
If they continue to grow uncontrollably, medical advice should be sought as this indicates possible skin cancer. However females have a much higher rate of appearance, because of the much higher percentage and frequency of body and ear piercing than that of the males. An alternative treatment involves freezing of the infected tissue in order to kill the skin cells. This is one of the biggest benefits of using these specially produced prescription creams as these are manufactured with compounds keeping individual’s requirements in mind.

So when I had shoulder surgery recently, I was very concerned about a horrific looking wound. Medical advice and prescriptions are provided by licensed individuals who are not employees of My Scar Cream MD. Any skin type can contribute to keloid scarring and there is a genetic component involved, which means that if one or both parents has keloids the offspring will have them too.
The male population tends to leave keloids untreated due to the cultural idiosyncrasy that requires them to expose and display keloids as proof of manhood and toughness (the famous, or infamous, “manly scars”). Plus, there are generally no side effects of using these prescription creams, and there is no ‘pain’ involved either as seen in other treatments mentioned above.
My Scar Cream MD provided a great topical cream that has really helped with reducing the scarring, and my complexion has improved 100%!
I was able to use the prescription cream from My Scar Cream MD, and it helped prevent the keloid and keep my pain tolerable! And the second is to make it EASY to obtain the prescription and have it shipped right to your home!
When granulation tissue experiences overgrowth at the exact location of a healed skin injury it gets replaced by collagen type I. They are benign and not contagious, but in some cases they involve sever itching, pain and alterations in their texture.

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