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Lump in neckis abnormal massthat is usually found in the form of small embossed swelling or lump in the neck region.
As soon as a mass is discovered in any part of the neck, an appointment with the doctor should be arranged as early as possible, since it can be an indication of infection or malignant diseases.
Enlargement of lymph nodes is usually a sign of infection or malignancy (benign or malignant).
AYOthers: other diseases such as tonsillitis, tuberculosis and bacterial pharyngitis can also have symptomofneck lump.
AYOthers: other viral diseases resulting in neck lumps due to lymph node swelling include viral pharyngitis, rubella and herpes virus. Besides what have been listed above, lymph node swelling is also caused by allergic reactions (elicited by exposure to certain drugs, foods or antigens such as pollen grains).
Swellings are often reported in the neck region with ongoing inflammation processes involving the salivary glands. AYSalivary gland tumors: malignant transformation of one or more salivary glands can also lead to neck lumps that may extend behind the ear and down the jaw and the neck. AYSalivary gland stones: these are reported due to excess mineral deposition or accumulation in the gland substance.
AYGoiter: it is the swelling of the thyroid region due to either low thyroid production or toxiccontamination in high thyroid production. Since lumps in neck are an indication of an underlying pathology, be it non-severe in nature such as mumps or something as severe as thyroid cancer, neck lumps cannot be takenlightly. He is also an Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer and the Clinical Sub-Dean for Plymouth in the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry. Please Note: The information on this site is solely for purposes of general patient education, and may not be relied upon as a substitute for professional medical care.

These lumps may develop in individuals of all age groups and are usually painless, andmay get tender if inflamed or infected.
Not all neck lumps are caused by serious diseases, some may be caused by swollen lymph nodes or genetic reasons.
This leads to the formation of a small papule around infected areasor lymphadenopathy (or swelling of lymph nodes) that may present as neck lumps. Hypersensitivity reaction may lead to generalized swelling or regional swelling, for instance people with peanut allergy may develop swollen lips, eyes, lungs, and neck and throat lumps after exposure to peanuts. Mumps are characterized by fever, muscle pain, swelling of the salivary glands and skin below the ears etc. These tumors are reported in the setting ofliver cirrhosis, salivary gland infections or Sjogrens syndrome, etc. These stones may obstruct the salivary flow by blocking the ducts and can lead to swelling of the entire neck region. Low thyroid production can be accounted to low iodine levels, and high levels thyroid are produced because of cigarette smoking, alcoholism and infections. The symptoms include anxiety, hyperthyroidism associated symptoms likethyroid swelling, which usually spreads to the neck region.
Pressure in ear may be caused by various factors and is often accompanied by other symptoms. He has a special interest in medical and surgical rhinology, medical education and outcomes research. We offer the highest level of specialty care for all ear, nose and throat problems at our many convenient locations in Hickory and the surrounding counties. At San Marcos Ear, Nose & Throat, we are here to provide you with the highest standard of quality in medical care.

If you are a smoker or alcoholic, or have a positive family history of cancer, seek immediate consultation to reduce the risk of serious problems. In certain cases, lumps are formed under the skin because of cysts such as sebaceous cysts. As a result, the entire region undergoes swelling andinflammation that leads to neck lumps. Symptoms of thyroid cancer include pain, difficulty in swallowing and swelling around the neck and thyroid areas. Although there are some simple home remedies to relieve ear pressure, complications may arise if it is not treated properly. With 7 board-certified Otolaryngologists and 1 physician assistant (PA) serving three locations, we offer you excellent, top-rated service and care right in your community. Whether you have problems with allergies or sinusitis, hearing or balance, voice or swallowing troubles, sleep disorders or any other ear, nose and throat related problem, we can help.
We offer our patients surgical and medical procedures that are meant to ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients' needs. This is a pledge that we take very seriously, and we make it our goal to improve each and every one of our patients' lives through our procedures.
We also always keep up with the latest treatment techniques, and we stay on top of the most advanced, cutting-edge equipment and procedures in the realm of head, face and neck plastic surgery. If you think you may benefit for one of our procedures, please call us to speak with a friendly member of our staff.Contact Us Now!Please fill the form below or for immediate response Call Us Today!

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