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I perform 75 - 80 rhinoplasties a year utilizing both open and closed techniques, using my own personal sets of specialist rhinoplasty instruments. I also perform many operations for nasal obstruction and sinusitis.Rhinoplasty surgery often involves structures that govern airflow through the nose, and these must be considered in all cases.

I am happy to deal with any problems arising in the ears nose and throat, or neighbouring structures.I trained at Great Ormond Street Hospital and have an ongoing interest in Paediatric ENT.
I also run a voice clinic using specialist examination techniques such as laryngeal stroboscopy, and I am the official voice specialist for the Cardiff Singer of the World Competition. After general training in Wales I moved to London for my specialist ENT training working at the following hospitals:-= The Royal National, Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital= St Bartholomews Hospital= Whipps Cross Hospital= Hackney Childrens' Hospital= The National Hospital for Neurosurgery, Queen Square= Research at University of California, San Francisco.

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