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Eastern Oklahoma Ear, Nose and Throat is dedicated to providing the highest quality of professional care with integrity, respect and compassion. The Mission of the ENT Department at the Alaska Native Medical Center is to provide the highest quality ENT care to our patients. We recently moved into a beautiful new office space at the Alaska Spine Institute, a 10 minute walk from the Medical Center. We truly believe that a happy, motivated and caring staff results in a great care experience for our patients. Clinical Interests: chronic otitis media, middle ear surgery, pediatric ENT care, Eustachian tube disorders, reconstructive surgery, and hearing rehabilitation with surgical implants.
The Alaska Native Medical Center (ANMC) is an award winning, state-of-the-art, 150-bed facility that provides comprehensive medical services to Alaska Native and American Indian people living in Alaska. We also bring care closer to home for patients across our large state – ANMC providers are world leaders in telehealth and they often travel the state providing thousands of hours of service at field clinics across rural Alaska. Our work in the Alaska Tribal Health System is complex, rewarding and critical to the health of thousands of families and individuals. The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium and Southcentral Foundation jointly own and manage ANMC under the terms of Public Law 105-83. Before you turn to hearing aids as your only option, talk to our experts at the Hearing Center at Eastern CT Ear, Nose & Throat. Eastern Connecticut Ear, Nose & Throat has a full-service audiology and hearing aid clinic, which includes hearing and hearing aid evaluations.
For those patients who want to use their iPhones and other Apple devices, Eastern CT Ear, Nose & Throat offers the most modern HALO technology, as well!
We understand that selecting a doctor for cosmetic surgery, or any non-invasive procedure, is an extremely important decision.
From the moment you step into our multi-faceted cosmetic surgery center, you will be provided with a personal consultation by one of our highly-skilled medical professionals.

Wrinkle Fillers: Radiesse, the newest FDA-approved filler, softens facial wrinkles, gives you a more youthful look, and helps to correct nasal defects, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, cheeks, chins, jaw lines, and acne scars.
ELOs Facial Hair Removal: This once-a-month technology removes all types of unwanted hair through a comfortable gentle treatment.
ELOs Skin Rejuvenation: This process combines radio frequency with intensified pulsed light to minimize redness and brown spots, tighten pores, and reduce wrinkles. Rhinoplasty: This surgical procedure modifies the nose for aesthetic improvement and can also be used to correct a deformity or injury. Whatever the procedure, Eastern CT Ear, Nose & Throat is committed to maintaining a professional, caring environment for all our patients. We offer the full spectrum of ENT services ranging from cochlear implantation for deafness to state of the art treatment for head and neck cancers. We provide the highest level of trauma care in Alaska and we are Alaska’s only Magnet-recognized facility for nursing excellence. If you are interested in joining our team of talented Otolaryngologists, please read our open positions and learn more about these special opportunities by contacting our physician recruitment team. These parent organizations have established a Joint Operating Board to ensure unified operation of health services provided by the Medical Center.
Here, we explore all avenues and solutions to give you a variety of choices, and don’t limit you in your ability to achieve the best results. Our audiologists have decades of hands on experience and have helped thousands of eastern Connecticut residents benefit from their expertise, high-quality products, and services. HALO Hearing Aids are designed to work with your devices to deliver phone calls, music, videos and more streaming directly into your hearing aids with pristine sound quality and no background buzzing and whistling! That is why our board-certified, award-winning physicians are dedicated to providing our patients with the safest, most-advanced cosmetic surgical procedures and treatments available. During your consultation, we will discuss a tailored program specifically-designed for your unique needs.

Xeomin treatments in our office also are performed by trained, board-certified physicians. You can feel confident in knowing that you will be expertly-guided throughout your unique experience, and helped to achieve the natural look you want. Our staff includes surgeons with specialized training in neuro-otology, head and neck oncology, facial plastics and laryngology. If you are a physician, nurse or other health care worker, please contact us if you are interested in employment opportunities in our department.
We understand the importance of good hearing and the importance of your comfort, convenience, and outward appearance. We’ll match up our capabilities to your unique needs, and, if necessary provide the type of hearing device that you can wear with comfort and confidence, day or night. In our Hearing Center, we will expertly-fit all types of modern hearing devices to the shape and contour of your ear to eliminate hearing loss, give you better hearing in noisy environments, and even communicate wirelessly with your TV! We will also provide a comprehensive overview of all our capabilities in regards to your needs, and discuss important points like total procedure time, cost, and recovery.
We perform a large number of surgeries for chronic ear disease, and our surgeons are amongst the most experienced in the world in this clinical area.
This will result in both improved accessed for surgical care as well as best in class experience for our Customer Owners. Our hearing aids are discreet and designed to fit into your ear canal; effectively hiding any trace of the device, completely. We’ll do our best not only to care for your ENT needs but also to make you glad you came to see us.

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