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We are NJ State licensed and accredited through the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). We meet or exceed all federal, state and local laws, as well as AAAHC Standards for the care we provide. We use state-of-the-art technology combined with a high staff-to-patient ratio to accommodate patients in of the highest caliber. Ashkan Monfared, MD is board-certified in Otolaryngology and was recruited from Stanford University to serve as the Director of Otology and Neurotology. As a researcher in the areas of acoustic neuroma and inner ear imaging, he has authored several peer-reviewed scientific papers and book chapters.
Bonnie Heneson Communications (BHC) develops and implements marketing and communications plans and budgets, based on an analysis of your business plan, goals and individual needs. To educate new residents in the Prince George’s County community, BHC developed a direct mail card for Metropolitan Medical Specialists.
BHC created a full-scale branding identity package for The Center for Ear, Nose & Throat at Doctors Community Hospital.
BHC developed an electronic invitation to invite local VIPs, key clients and local business contacts, and staff to celebrate the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Baltimore office of Colliers International in Columbia, Md. To spread the word about a new public charter school The Children's Guild opened in Baltimore City, BHC developed direct mailers and advertisements to promote informational sessions and open houses. To promote ongoing support offered through the Joslin Diabetes Center affiliate at Doctors Community Hospital, BHC developed a direct mail card that not only visually represented the array of ages and demographics of the center’s patient population, but also highlighted upcoming dates and key information that potential attendees would need.
Working with the existing logo for this joint venture between Doctors Community Hospital, Holy Cross Hospital and Adventist HealthCare, BHC created an updated and more recognizable logo to establish this comprehensive cancer practice. To invite congregants to join in this special Siyum ceremony to mark the completion of its 100 year old Torah, Har Sinai Congregation asked BHC to develop this direct mail postcard, as well as the Torah Restoration Project logo and microsite on the Har Sinai website. To launch the opening of Stanford Grill, a restaurant in Columbia, Md., BHC used the company’s existing logo and facility colors to create both an invitation and e-invitation, inviting local VIPs and important business contacts to a pre-opening reception. Working with Doctors Community Hospital’s pre-established logo for women’s health services that featured the busts for four diverse women, BHC updated and adjusted it to specifically set off the breast imaging department. To promote the opening of the Stanford Grill in Columbia, BHC developed an invitation for a VIP pre-opening reception, which we also helped execute. To ensure a brand is well-formulated and impactful, all marketing materials must generate the same look, feel and tone.
After strategizing on how best to further market services of the Baltimore-based Upside Down Organization, BHC developed a masthead, edited copy and utilized software to send out a timely and informative e-newsletter, resulting in increased interaction with customers who ordered products, registered for a hosted event or booked a speaker for their organization.
The Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery Center in Salt Lake City and Draper features an in-house CT scanner and radiation therapy technician. The collaboration between the otolaryngologists and audiologists at Ear, Nose, Throat & Sinus Center benefits adult and pediatric patients, ensuring they receive outstanding care for disorders of the head and neck, including hearing problems. The ENT physicians and audiologists at Ear, Nose, Throat & Sinus Center collaborate to ensure adult and pediatric patients receive excellent care for disorders of the head and neck.
Ear Infections - Children with persistent or recurrent ear infections may benefit from the placement of temporary tubes in the ear drums (tympanostomy tubes).
Other Ear Diseases - With the assistance of our audiologists, we treat ear disorders causing hearing loss or ringing in the ears. Balance Disorders - Our team of physicians and audiologists work together to treat vertigo (dizziness) and other balance disorders. Nose & Sinus Disorders - Nasal and sinus disorders including recurrent sinus infections, nasal polyps, nasal tumors and deviated septum are evaluated and treated. Tonsils & Adenoids - Persistent or recurrent tonsil or adenoid infections may require medical or surgical treatment.
Snoring & Sleep Disorders - Patients who snore and suffer from sleep apnea are treated with the latest techniques, including advanced surgical procedures if necessary.

Neck & Head Masses -In children and adults, any mass, nodule, growth or tumor of the head and neck should be evaluated.
Our trained audiologists' goal is to evaluate and educate each patient about their hearing disorder.
Available for infants, children, adolescents, adults and senior citizens, our audiologists and their staff work with the families of each hearing impaired individual to ensure they have the tools necessary to help their family member.
Hearing Aid Fittings - We offer a variety of hearing amplification devices from several manufacturers. Custom Ear Molds & Protection - We offer many different styles of custom ear molds for hearing aids and for many types of listening devices such as I-Pods and cell phones.
Assistive Listening Devices - Amplified telephones are available in corded and cordless models, with or without caller ID or answering machines. The team of physicians at Ear, Nose, Throat & Sinus Center includes a fellowship-trained pediatric otolaryngologist. Behind-The-Ear (BTE) Aids - Most of the electronics are housed in a small plastic device that sits behind the ear. Completely In-The-Ear-Canal Aids - The workings of these aids are contained in tiny cases that fit partially or completely in the ear canal. In-The-Ear (ITE) Aids - All parts of the hearing aid are contained in a shell that fills in the outer part of the ear.
Cochlear implants are small electronic devices surgically implanted in the inner ear that help provide a sense of sound to people who are profoundly deaf or hard-of-hearing. We are happy to submit and bill your insurance forms for you as long as you have provided us with the appropriate insurance information.
New Patient ResourcesThe physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and support staff who make up Porter Physician Group all share a common goal – to meet your individual healthcare needs in a timely and caring manner. Patient Medical FormsPlease download, print and fill out the appropriate forms below prior to your appointment with Porter Physician Group.
Take this quiz to find out if you need to visit the ENT Center of Utah for allergy shots and therapy. Our in-office CT scanners allow the patient to have a scan and be diagnosed all within the same office visit. For over 40 years Ear, Nose, and Throat Center has provided excellence in compassionate, comprehensive care for the Salt Lake Valley.  Our nine board-certified physicians stand ready to diagnose and treat your ear, nose, or throat condition. When we evaluate you, we test you by putting your head in a position that recreates your symptoms while examining your eyes for the tell-tale rapid, involuntary movement of the eyes called nystagmus.
Because our focus is on ear, nose and throat conditions, we provide uniquely specialized surgical and anesthesia care in a comfortable, compassionate, and professional environment.
Monfared has created the Comprehensive Hearing Center, which is one of the only adult cochlear implant programs in the Metro DC area. In addition to featuring a group photo of the physicians in the practice, the direct mail card features key selling points of the practice as well as a magnet that serves as a leave behind that potential patients can reference. This logo was then utilized to brand all print materials, advertising, practice collateral and signage for the center. In addition to developing the invitation design that was in keeping with Colliers International branding guidelines, BHC coordinated all the event details from selecting and working with a caterer to garnering media coverage to booking live entertainment and hiring a photographer. This logo was then utilized to brand all practice collateral and advertising for the center. This logo was then utilized to brand all practice collateral—business cards, letterhead and envelopes, informational brochures, forms, referral pads, and practice pocket folder.
In addition to utilizing BHC’s in-house graphic design department, Stanford Grill also hired BHC to develop the guest list, hire a photographer, amend their existing website, and garner PR coverage. In addition, BHC coordinated an extensive and highly successful PR campaign and updated the existing website.

To that end, BHC developed the Doctors Community Hospital (Lanham, Md.) patient handbook, which had to correspond with the DCH brand BHC crafted. Gleichauf, past senior vice president, managed care, planning and marketing for Howard County General Hospital, located in Columbia, Md.
The training of the team brings a broad range of expertise to the region, including the services of the only fellowship trained pediatric otolaryngologist in the area.
From advanced endoscopic sinus surgery, the treatment of snoring and sleep disorders, help with voice and swallowing disorders and the fitting and dispensing of hearing aids, our goal is to provide you with the most advanced care possible.
The hearing specialists also work with the area school systems to provide support and accessories needed to help hearing impaired students in the classroom.
These evaluations include: pure-tone audiometry, speech audiometry, impedance audiometry, otoacoustic emission testing and auditory evoked response testing. Following your evaluation, we will work with you to decide the most appropriate listening system for your needs. If an out-of-office repair is necessary, we will send it to the manufacturer for that repair. If you require hearing protection or musician earplugs, we will discuss your options with you. Pediatric ENTs provide treatment for a variety of common pediatric ear, nose and throat problems as well as assessing and treating children with more unusual disorders. If the hearing loss is due to a neurologic inner ear problem, and the person has no functional hearing, a cochlear implant will improve hearing significantly. If you are a new patient or have been a patient in our practice for some time, we thank you for choosing Porter Physician Group. The movement of a loose otolith is similar to when you shake one of those snow-scenes in a lucite globe. Barry Castaneda treats disoders or the Ear,Nose and Throat for adult and pediatric patients. We use the most advanced technology and equipment, including high definition monitors and the Fusion ENT Navigation system. Every logo, brochure, banner ad and website we create becomes an integrated part of your total marketing campaign across all media. BHC coordinates a monthly mailing of these direct mail cards to those who recently moved into the area. Following the 35 media clips BHC attained for Stanford Grill, the restaurant now routinely has hour-long waits for lunch and dinner. Just as important, we can typically schedule and complete your scan immediately following your appointment with your Utah ear, nose and throat doctor. Other available assistive devices are amplified alarm clocks, telephone ringers, fire alarms and television amplifiers.
Please feel free to discuss with the office staff any questions you may have about billing. Great Hills ENT serves the greater Austin area including Georgetown, Cedar Park, Lago Vista, Jonestown, Steiner Ranch, Lakeway, Spicewood and Point Venture. Ask us about our loop systems that enable the hearing aid wearer to receive direct input from the television into the hearing aids. They will discuss the advantages of each, and indicate which hearing aid would be most appropriate for you.

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