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Pentagen effectively targets 5 main areas affected by upper respiratory tract infections:1. Clinical trials have shown standardized extracts of Pelargonium sidoides to safely and effectively shorten the severity and duration of acute bronchitis and tonsillopharyngitis.
Austin Brain & Spine As a member of the Seton Brain and Spine Institute,Austin Brain and Spine provides expert care in all areas of neurosurgery including Spine, Vascular, Tumor, Neurotrauma, Pain and Pediatric Neurosurgery.
Especially beneficial for first stages of colds and sore throats.Hydrastis canadensis for thick, yellow ropy mucus in the nose, sinuses and throat.

Once Pentagen has been opened, it is recommended that any liquid which remains after 30 days should be discarded.
Also for cough with burning pain in chest and thick yellow expectoration.Kalium bichromicum for blocked nose and tough, stringy, viscid secretions of the sinuses, pharynx, the larynx and bronchi.
Also for foul-smelling discharges.Natrium muriaticum for profuse runny nose and frontal sinus inflammation often accompanied by frequent or explosive sneezing.
The Adolescent Medicine - Reproductive Endrocrinology practice provides Adolescent Medicine Consultative Services.

Our physicians provide a full range of invasive and non-invasive cardiology services, including general cardiology, interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, cardiac transplants, and implantation of Ventricular Assist Devices. University Physicians Group – Women’s Health offers comprehensive healthcare services for women of every age whether it is preventative services to keep her healthy or acute care services when she is ill.

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